Victoria Park – WA 2021

ALP 16.3%

Incumbent MP
Ben Wyatt, since 2006.

Inner-eastern Perth. Victoria Park covers the suburbs of Bentley, Carlisle, East Victoria Park, Lathlain, St James, Victoria Park and part of Welshpool, Kensington and Wilson. The seat covers most of the Victoria Park council area and northern parts of the Canning council area.

Victoria Park shifted north and to the west, losing part of Wilson to Cannington and gaining part of Kensington from South Perth. These changes slightly reduced the Labor margin from 16.5% to 16.3%.

Victoria Park has existed since 1930. The seat was held by an independent for eight years from 1945, but apart from this period the seat has been held by the Labor Party.

Ron Davies won Victoria Park at the 1961 by-election. He served as a minister in the Tonkin government from 1971 to 1974.

In 1978, Davies became Leader of the Opposition, serving in the role until 1981, when he was succeeded by Brian Burke, who led the ALP back to power in 1983. Davies retired in 1986.

The 1986 by-election was won by Geoff Gallop. Gallop joined the Lawrence ministry in 1990, serving as a minister until the government’s defeat in 1993.

In 1996, Gallop became Leader of the Opposition. He led the ALP to victory in 2001, and then won a second term as Premier in 2005. He resigned in 2006.

The 2006 by-election was won by Ben Wyatt. Wyatt has been re-elected three times, and has served as treasurer since the 2017 election.

Sitting Labor MP Ben Wyatt is not running for re-election.

  • Aaron Farrell (Liberal Democrats)
  • Sue-Ann Connolly (No Mandatory Vaccination)
  • Amanda-Sue Markham (Liberal)
  • Gerard Siero (Greens)
  • Hannah Beazley (Labor)
  • Darren Sandow (One Nation)
  • Janine Vander Ven (Australian Christians)

Victoria Park is a safe Labor seat.

2017 result

Ben Wyatt Labor 11,57451.0+6.450.8
Julian Jacobs Liberal 6,39628.2-14.528.4
Ryan Quinn Greens 3,27214.4+2.214.4
Mark StaerAustralian Christians9154.0+4.04.0
Jennifer NoyeMicro Business5202.3+2.32.3
Informal 1,0254.3

2017 two-party-preferred result

Ben Wyatt Labor 15,06466.5+12.566.3
Julian Jacobs Liberal 7,59533.5-12.533.7

Booth breakdown

Booths have been divided into four parts: central, north, south-east and south-west.

Labor won a majority of the two-party-preferred vote in all four areas, ranging from 64.8% in the south-east to 68.2% in the centre.

The Greens came third, with a vote ranging from 11.8% in the south-east to 16.1% in the centre.

Voter groupGRN prim %ALP 2PP %Total votes% of votes
Other votes15.864.74,46320.9

Election results in Victoria Park at the 2017 WA state election
Toggle between two-party-preferred votes and Greens primary votes.


  1. Ben Wyatt is only 46. He’d make a strong candidate for the overlapping federal seat of Swan but I see from reports he’s going into the private sector instead. Hannah Beazley is finally set to enter politics after previously contesting Riverton in 2013 and Swan in 2019.

  2. She’ll probably be a minister in a few years’ time. Similar career path to Peter Tinley – contest marginal Liberal seat in federal election, fail, then get a safe state seat. Wait for a few years until MacTiernan / Roberts / Quigley retire, then in she goes.


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