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I love reading all the psephological blogs in Australia (primarily Crikey’s Poll Bludger and Possum), as well as the bits of psephological content on a bunch of broader political blogs. However, it’s never enough, and I like to read psephological blogs from other English-speaking countries.

I’m always looking for more, and would like to make more links and gain insight into how elections are covered in other countries, so I’m gonna list some of my favourite foreign psephoblogs. What ones do you read? Please go to comments and post your favourites for everyone else to read. And if you know any English-language psephoblogs covering elections in non-English-speaking countries, I would love to see it.

  • Curiablog – A relatively quiet New Zealand blog that posts regularly covering New Zealand opinion polls, and provided a polling average during last year’s NZ election.
  • – The star of the 2008 US Presidential election, FiveThirtyEight was only established in March 2008, well into the election campaign, but Nate Silver’s unique statistical analysis, adopted from baseball fandom, managed to make him a major psephological pundit by the time of the general election in November, and was incredibly accurate in projecting the result.
  • Irish Election – A blog I’ve just discovered, it seems to be the Poll Bludger of Ireland, and would be worth focusing on, should Ireland’s government collapse and trigger an early election in the months to come.
  • UK Polling Report – UK Polling Report provides analysis of UK opinion polls and has produced impressive analysis of the seats that matter for the next UK general election. It includes a calculator that predicts seat numbers based on the percentage of the vote going to each of the three major parties.
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  1. UK Polling Report is superb- in depth coverage of all of the 600+ seats. I’m sure not going to get any work done today…..

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