Queensland election preparations


With the possible imminent calling of a state election in Queensland, I’ve moved ahead with plans for election night coverage, using my Google Earth map of the new Queensland boundaries, which you can check out here. There’s still some kinks to be worked out. For a start, the map seems determined to rotate 90 degrees, with the west pointing upwards on the map. It’s easy to fix this by clicking the north point on the compass, which will re-align the map.

I’m planning to do a lot more with this map. At the very least, I plan to embed recent results, candidates and the sitting MP’s details for each electorate. I’m also hoping to link the map to XML results from the ECQ and/or ABC elections, which would allow people to follow results in map form, and also follow it from within Google Earth. I’d ideally love to also set it up to change the electorate colouring according to results, but I don’t expect to be able to do that. I’m lacking in technical knowlege on this front, so if people can help with advice, it would be much appreciated.

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