Podcast #115: A tour of Tasmania’s electorates


Ben was joined by William Bowe from the Poll Bludger to discuss the Tasmanian state election. We run through the five state electorates one by one, and discuss what we’ll be watching for on election night.

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  1. You mention that the Greens choose primary candidates to focus their efforts around. What are the benefits of this approach rather than the major parties free for all brawl?

  2. Well I think when a party can only win one seat, there’s more value in focusing effort and resources behind a single candidate.

    Whereas parties with multiple viable seats can sometimes win an extra seat if their vote is spread evenly amongst their winnable candidates rather than one candidate filling up a full quota and not leaving much to pass on.

  3. What Ben said. Usually the Greens are only a chance at one seat.

    This year in Clark the Greens have had signs with both the incumbent Vica Bayley and non-incumbent high profile candidate Helen Burnet on them. It’s their best chance for a second seat so they are less focused on a primary candidate.

    The point about primary candidates is also why I think JLN could be at risk of missing out on seats. They don’t have any designated primary candidates so leakage from the ticket could be an issue like it was in 2018.

  4. I’m interested in the impact of other Independents , I realise you don’t have time to discuss them in the podcast, but eg in Clark there are 11 columns on the ballot, how does the total #1 votes for all those ‘other’ candidates influence the overall outcome?


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