NSW 2023 – final dataset complete


I’ve now finished my dataset for the 2023 NSW state election and I’ve added it to the data repository.

The repository now has data for four successive NSW state elections, in addition to seven Queensland elections, five Victorian elections, six Western Australian elections, six South Australian elections, five New Zealand elections, and three ACT and NT elections respectively.

The 2023 dataset is free for anyone to access, as is the most recent dataset for each jurisdiction. All of the older data is available for anyone who signs up for $5 or more per month via Patreon.

This dataset includes lists of candidates for both houses, as well as results at the booth and seat level for both houses. For the Legislative Assembly, I’ve also included 2CP and 2PP counts per booth and seat. The dataset also includes preference flows from each candidate at the seat and booth level on both a 2CP and 2PP basis.

All of the booth data contains polling place IDs that match to a polling place table with latitudes and longitudes for each ordinary booth.

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  1. Brief summary of Manly Vote

    No of candidates 7
    Candidates that had a JV1 HTV 4
    Candidates that had a partial or full HTV 3
    Valid Papers 52,825
    JV1 Range (58% to 90%), average 82%
    Papers which followed Party ticket average 0.09% of total
    Papers which followed Party ticket average 0.36% of relevant Party
    Total number of filled out boxes 25,482 (the rest were blanks)

    My conclusion: Handing out HTVs has almost no effect unless they are JV1s – even then, they only work for high-profile candidates. The main advantage is to “show the flag”.

    Geoff Lambert

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