Podcast #89: NSW election results


Ben is joined by William Bowe from the Poll Bludger to discuss the results of the NSW state election.

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  1. Why so many upper house candidates. Some groups had 20+. Can they pass law to keep it to 10 or so for alp,LIB. 2 for the rest.

  2. The LC counting rules are embedded in the constitution and require voters to mark 15 preferences. So it’s necessary to require groups to run 15 candidates for an ATL box. I don’t think you’d need to limit the numbers, just reduce the requirement to 2 candidates (as is the case for the Senate) – but I don’t see anyone bothering with a referendum.

  3. Great podcast. I enjoyed especially the discussion about the seat of Sydney post-Greenwich and Clover Moore’s little political empire.

  4. Ben,

    not sure how the One Nation exhaust rate was a factor in the Camden result, and the swing compared to 2019 result. One Nation went up 0.6% so far. ALP got an approx 13% primary vote swing and approx 13% 2PP swing. Maybe the result would have been closer (and larger margin to LIB last time) if One Nation didn’t exhaust, but it would seem the One Nation that are exhausting are splitting both ways to some extent.
    ALP needed a 6% primary vote swing to get even on primary votes and they are leading by almost 8%.

    Not much mention about the Teal IND or any IND in that podcast, which was a bit odd – lot of theorising about the future seats the Greens might pick up in parallel and future universes……

  5. “Not much mention about the Teal IND or any IND in that podcast, which was a bit odd”

    They spoke about Greenwich and Sydney for a bit.

    And really, there’s been so much discussion about teals and independents in the last 18 months. It’s refreshing to hear electoral discussions about something else. I would happily never hear about teals again until the next federal election.

  6. It was a free-flowing conversation, we didn’t have a list of topics to cover.

    The ON exhaust rate in Camden wouldn’t have mattered in 2019 because it wasn’t close. It doesn’t need to change to become more important in 2023.

  7. On a side note, now with the parliament set-up confirmed, who do we think is likely to take on the role of speaker.

    My early thought would have been Greg Piper, instead of Labor having to negotiate for 3 to cover the crossbench

  8. Cheers Myles. I think this has some legs and would, strategically make sense for Labor, meaning that they still need 2 from the cross bench but only two. At this stage, that would be Greenwich and McGirr.

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