Podcast #50: The day after the WA election


Ben is joined by William Bowe of the Poll Bludger to discuss Labor’s massive landslide victory in yesterday’s Western Australian state election, including running through each of the six upper house contests.

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  1. Really enjoyed this show on Sunday, best summation of events I had found. Cheers to the both of you.

    When William at the end mentions “it raises the question about the suitability of majoritarian electoral systems” what specifically about preferential voting is he referring to and what would be a better system? Something like what happens in Tasmania?

  2. I don’t think ‘majoritarian’ refers to the preferential system. Rather it refers to all systems which favour single-party majorities in parliament (as opposed to proportional systems), most of which use single-member electorates. But yes I think the alternative would be PR voting systems such as that used in Tasmania.

  3. I would love to see a hare-clark implemented in WA similar to how the system works in tasmainia where federal seats are given 5 state members each. I love the idea of being able to vote for specific members of major parties > just having one option.

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