South Australian redistribution – draft map completed


It’s taken me a bit longer than I originally planned, but I’ve now created a digital map file for the South Australian state redistribution, for the election due in March 2022. This is a draft – the final map is due towards the end of the year.

At some point I plan to calculate my own redistribution margins but for now you can refer to the Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission’s calculations in their report. I summarised the changes in a post two weeks ago.

This following map shows the new boundaries in green and the old boundaries in red.

You can download the file yourself from this website’s maps page. The file is a KMZ format to be viewed in Google Earth. The maps page includes numerous other mapping files, including every set of state electorate boundaries for South Australia since 1997.

I’ve been made aware that the existing host for my maps files has not been allowing people to download some mapping files. I have now moved all of my South Australian maps across to Google Drive which is more reliable (and is also used for my data repository). I will move the rest of my maps over there soon, but if you find a map that you can’t download, get in touch and I can prioritise fixing that link.

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