Taking a break for a while


Now that the election is over I will be taking an extended break. I won’t be doing any work on the Tally Room for the next six weeks.

After this break I will be back with regular posts. We have no more elections this year but there will be redistributions, by-elections (I assume) and deeper analysis of the recent elections. I’ll be doing full guides for the Brisbane City Council election in early 2020 and then the more populous NSW council elections, and the ACT, Northern Territory and Queensland later in 2020.

I’m also hoping to start a podcast running the history of Australian elections, starting off with the 1901-1914 period, if you want to sign up as a donor to help make this happen.

That’s it for now. I’ll see you in August.

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  1. Might give it a bit of coverage but won’t do it thoroughly. NSW and Brisbane both tend to be partisan, and are conducted at booths. Most Victorian councils aren’t partisan in the same way and don’t use polling booths, so I can’t do maps.

  2. There was a farewell function for Michael Danby in the St Kilda Town Hall some time ago, I assume before the 18 May 19 election, but the hall hire etc bill has not been paid. This was not a general entry community function so why should we Port Phillip ratepayers pay for it? Source: The Age newspapers, 27 Jun 19 page 4. Pay up Comrade Danby.

  3. Adrian
    I think 95% of MP’s and Councillors work extremely hard. We need to thank them for their service. The hall is a community hall so it’s use for a community function should be free ( or at least no more than token payment). If you go please thank Michael Danny for his service. Apart from anything else he has played a big part in keeping ALP from moving further to the Left and has had a positive influence on foreign policy.

  4. Ben
    How are Victorian LGbelections conducted without booths?
    Most Qld councils are party political but the partisandship is covert rather than overt. There certainly is no statewide Party campaign.

    With the current Criminal charges hanging over multiple councils I think you are wise not to get involved. It could end up a lawyers picnic the way it is going.

  5. I have very little faith in the honesty of local government generally but if they are running their own elections by a method that corrupt trade unionists used in 1950’s and 1960’s this is a recipe for malpractice.

    It would be preferable to have Council election with State election than to have postal ballot. Cost of elections in any case is a small price to pay for good government.

    Local Government objected in Qld when State Government insisted State Electoral Commission ran the Council elections. Most of objections related tocost ECQ charged councils.

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