Podcast #27 – Federal election results


Ben is joined by Kevin Bonham for a quick podcast reacting to the results of the federal election.

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  1. According to ABC News there is no federal Labor electorate north of Brisbane’s northern suburbs now. Perhaps the Coalition should thank the Greens for their anti Adani campaign which helped destroy Labor up there. The controversial MHR’s are gone too, they being Turnbull, Abbott and Shorten (to the back bench hopefully).

    Also are there any ALP MPs who are real labor men and women? Have any of them made anything or provided a service, like a nurse, to the community in their civilian life? Most appear to be Uni graduates with arts or legal degree or former pen pushing staffers who have never has a real job or trade union hacks like Bill Shorten.

  2. Perhaps Labor could blame themselves for not concentrating on explaining that coal doesn’t equal jobs.

    QLD Labor have only reinforced the coal lobby narrative since winning state government in 2015 and federally their message in QLD hasn’t been better.

  3. Coal used for power generation in Australia and for export will be with us for the next 50 years or longer I think. The state should run power generation not the commonwealth government of the day nor the Greens.

  4. Adrian
    Yes Coal is needed but only a few Nationals, DLP, KAP, PHON and Anning said this. Lib-Labs think electricity comes from the Sun.

    Bill Shorten should have known that he was attacking the working class with respect to Adani.

    In effect he thought he could gain more in the zone of inner city de-degeneracy than he would lose in working Australia. He knew that what he was doing was wrong but thought it was advantageous. Scott Morrison tell us when you will get state government to build a new Tarong.

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