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EDIT: Thanks for all the updates I’ve received today. I’ve now updated the spreadsheet which is now up from 667 candidates to 679 (plus a couple of other candidates have been replaced). I will make these updates to the relevant seat guides as I get a chance.

ORIGINAL: While I’ve been focusing on the NSW election, the list of people announcing for the federal election has been steadily increasing.

So far I’ve compiled a list of 667 people running for the House of Representatives, with a lot of help from Nick Casmirri as well as others posting on this website. You can view the list here.

The list includes Labor candidates for 149 seats out of 151 – the only seats lacking are Barker in South Australia and Wright in Queensland.

So far we’ve identified 140 Coalition candidates in 131 electorates. Nationals and Liberal candidates are running against each other in the New South Wales seats of Eden-Monaro and Gilmore, the Tasmanian seats of Bass and Lyons, the Western Australian seats of Durack, O’Connor and Pearce, and the Victorian seats of Indi and Mallee. This leaves twenty seats with no Coalition candidate.

We have identified 122 Greens candidates, and 137 candidates for Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party.

One Nation has announced 21 candidates so far, alongside 18 for the People’s Party and 11 for the Australian Christians.

31 candidates are running for other parties, along with 38 independents.

This is an average of 4.4 candidates per seat, with a median of 4 candidates. Nine candidates have been announced for Mallee, with eight each in Longman and Pearce.

There are three seats with only two candidates: Fraser and Maribyrnong in Melbourne, and Fowler in Sydney. All are safe Labor seats.

If the election is held on May 18, nominations will probably close on April 25. That’s about two and a half weeks from today. In comparison, last election I had identified 772 candidates as of nominations day, and it ended up increasing to 994 candidates. This suggests to me we are likely headed for a similar number of candidates.

You can post in the comments if you identify any candidates who are missing, and I’ll do one or two more updates before nominations close and there will then be one last update.

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