NSW 2019 – other close seat maps


I’ve been compiling booth maps of a bunch of the closest races. I have two more to post for Coogee and Upper Hunter. I don’t have a lot to say about these maps, but wanted to share them.

Firstly Upper Hunter, a marginal Nationals seat which has been held on by the Nationals with a 0.6% swing towards them. The pattern of results is largely expected, with Labor winning Singleton and Muswellbrook and not much else. Interestingly there were observable differences in swings across local government boundaries. Labor gained big swings in the booths around Gloucester, where the council was amalgamated with its coastal neighbours to form Mid-Coast Council. Labor also gained swings in Scone (Upper Hunter council) and the Singleton council area, while the Nationals gained swings across the other council areas.

Then onto Coogee. The swings weren’t particularly remarkable, with Labor gaining small swings everywhere. The voting pattern overall isn’t a shock, with the Liberals holding on to a handful of northern booths and some others. The margin wasn’t big anywhere, with Labor only cracking 60% in one booth.

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  1. I was comparing the two candidate preferred swings for each booth in the Coogee map and noticed some anomalies between the 2CP result and the swing from 2015. The two booths it concerns are the Coogee Senior Citizens Hall and the Randwick Boys, neither of which were used in 2015. Both of these booths are showing a 20% 2CP swing towards the Liberals, which seems very unlikely given both of these booths are replacing booths (St Brigids and Rainbow Street PS respectively) that received at Liberal 2CP majority last time, whilst these booths reported a Labor 2CP majority this time.

    Otherwise a very excellent breakdown. Much appreciate all the coverage of the election.

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