Victoria and federal candidates update


Now that we’re past Wentworth, I wanted to revisit the election guides I have posted for the federal and Victorian state elections.

There are a whole bunch of extra candidates on both guides (particularly Victoria), and I have also listed all the candidates in spreadsheets if you are interested.

Particular thanks to Nick Casmirri who has helped track down a lot of extra candidates.

If you identify a candidate who’s not on the list, you can comment on the relevant seat guide or send me a message – I grab every one of these, even if I don’t always get the page updated for a few days.

Here are the spreadsheets for the two candidate lists:

So far we have 344 candidates for the Victorian state election. This includes Labor candidates in all but five seats, and Coalition candidates in all but six. There’s also 67 Greens candidates. I expect Labor, the Coalition and the Greens to all run candidates in every seat. There’s also 24 Animal Justice candidates, 14 Victorian Socialists and 13 DLP candidates.

Nominations for the Victorian state election close next Thursday, 9 November, so I will do a final update of the candidate list the following weekend and do some final analysis on who is running around that time.

And in other news, don’t forget to check out the guide to the New South Wales state election, which is being posted one seat at a time. Today’s seat of the day is Seven Hills.

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  1. Bret – nominations for Federal won’t open for a while yet, but I imagine many parties either have completed or are in the process of completing their preselections.

  2. You list a lot of Greens candidates who do not appear on the Greens’ own website. I assume you have inside knowledge as a former Greens candidate yourself?

  3. So Adrian, what do you think about Michael Danby?

    I don’t think any of us caught it the first 5000 times….

  4. @Adam all the Greens candidates listed are publicly announced. As with the other parties, many of the candidates are sourced from local media reports or social media presences. (Indeed, I’m finding Facebook is now a better source of candidate information than news searches particularly as more and more local newspaper websites have gone behind paywalls) In terms of federal candidates Labor is currently the only party with an extensive listing of candidates on their party website.

  5. Mark Mulcair – Thank you for your interest in my thoughts. In politics repeat your claim over and over again until it sinks in with the masses. I am glad that you have read my other 5000 comments on the former Member of Israel (as the lefties in Elwood call him 15 years ago).

  6. Adam, I have no inside knowledge. Nick found most of the recent candidates, but they are all people who are publicly announced (if not well-publicised). You’re welcome to raid our list for your own.

  7. Fake news from Adam Carr above. I just checked the Liberal website for Victoria and the candidates are all there under heading out team and then click on upper and lower house to view.

  8. Adam Carr – You did not make that clear. First things first the Victoria state election is happening now. The federal election is a long way off.

  9. The Herald Sun (01 Nov 18) says a Greens state candidate has resigned over Facebook chatter from a few years ago. Silly candidate she should have not resigned in fact she may have got more votes being better known.

    As for the Facebook chatter I think it was funny “girl” talk not unlike the blokes in the pub chattering. As a watcher of the ABC TV shows like “Mad as Hell”,”League of Gentlemen” and “Little Britain” her comments were similar humour. Dont take chatter literally Greens HQ.

  10. I can’t think of anything more tedious than arguing about whether someone was right in saying that a particular party has a comprehensive list of candidates on their website.

  11. Or better still dont use or have any Facebook, twitter etc accounts like me. Social media is mostly US rubbish as is Uber and AirBnB.

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