Podcast #2 – Braddon, Fremantle, Perth and how we name seats


In this episode I’m joined by Maiy Azize and Kevin Bonham. We preview the by-elections in Braddon, Fremantle and Perth, and discuss how we name electorates in light of Batman being renamed. In the news segment we discuss the results of the Darling Range by-election and begin the conversation about single-seat polling (sure to be revisited).

This episode involved guests joining me remotely, and there were some technical hiccups we’ll need to work on. You’ll notice that my guests are not with me for the whole show, but we still have a great conversation.

I mentioned this article about who federal electorates are named after. Kevin also mentions his analysis into single-seat polling which has since turned into this long and interesting post.

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I’ll be back in two weeks, until then, enjoy this episode!

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  1. Interesting debate regarding the lag in naming seats after women.

    I suggested that Janine Haines be honoured with a South Australian seat if one was to be re-named. Obviously the AEC didn’t consider her “first” to be important enough to overcome their hostility to politicians.

    But the PMs-only policy is not absolute – Neville Bonner rightfully got a guernsey in 2004 and hopefully further deserving candidates will be considered in the future.

  2. Again interesting about the names of seats, I throughly believe the Jo Valentine is deserving of a seat name in WA, also the next in line for an ex PM is Hawke, which could happen at the next Vic redistribution, although both of the aforementioned are still alive and kicking which the AEC don’t particularly like when naming seats.
    Then again there were some interesting changes in Vic especially with Macnamara, Nicholls and provisionally Cox.

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