You tell me which seats to profile…


Now that the elections of March are mostly concluded, I’ve shifted my focus to my guides to the federal election and the state elections in Victoria and New South Wales.

There won’t be many elections in the next few months, so the front page of this website may look quiet, but there’ll be a lot of work going on in the background.

I’m going to start picking seats to profile, and I’ll be doing weekly posts listing all the guides posted in that week.

If you’d like me to prioritise a seat, you now have that option.

All you have to do is sign up as a patron of this blog via Patreon, giving at least $5 per month. Each $5 donor is welcome to request a particular seat to be contested at any of these three elections (excluding federal seats in Victoria, South Australia and the ACT), and I’ll aim to complete that guide and publish it within the next week.

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