Election night wrap-up


So I’m calling it a night. There may be a few more results tonight, but most of the outstanding results have yet to start counting. I’ll continue reporting results tomorrow and Monday. For now, I’ve made these maps of wards in Victoria colour-coded according to the Greens’ performance. Red means that we failed to win a seat. Blue means we won a seat after previously not holding a seat. Green means we retained a Greens seat, and Yellow indicates that the result is either uncertain or no data is available. White wards had no Greens candidate.

Before I do the maps, I also have an overall seat count. On our estimates, the Greens have definitely won 14 seats, including four that have newly been won (Port Phillip, Glen Eira, Surf Coast, Queenscliffe). Three other seats are probable wins, 5 are “maybe”s, 4 are unlikely but possible, and 24 wards are definitely not going to elect a Green. In 32 cases a candidate’s fate is unknown, due to complete lack of information, although a number of these are expected to be lost.

First, inner Melbourne:


Next, a more wide-view of Melbourne:


And a map of the more rural races:victoria

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