Maps update


I’ve updated the electoral maps for the US House of Representatives on my “maps” page. There remain four seats up for grabs. OH-15 and CA-04 remain too close to call, although in both cases the Republicans hold slight leads. LA-01 and LA-06 had their primaries disturbed by Hurricane Gustav, forcing the general election to be postponed until December. Those seats are coloured grey, and the maps will be updated when the results are clarified.

I’ve also uploaded my latest map. I am producing a map of districts for the Canadian House of Commons. So far I have only completed the map for seven provinces from Manitoba to Newfoundland. I am yet to draw the maps for Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, along with the northern territories, but it may still be of interest. You can access it here.

I’ll be in Melbourne Saturday morning, and it looks like I’ll be using this blog to post results from Victorian Greens scrutineers from results around the state on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, so look forward to that.

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