Final boundaries determined for next federal election


The AEC yesterday released the final electoral boundaries for New South Wales for the next federal election. While they are planning to commence a Victorian redistribution early in 2010, it won’t be done in time for the election, meaning that all seats in Australia have now had their final boundaries determined. I have now completed the new electoral boundaries for all states, although I plan to make some minor changes to the WA map which most people would not notice. You can download the 2010 New South Wales map here, and all maps can be downloaded from the maps page.

MDMConnell in comments summarised the changes:

A few fairly minor nips and tucks to several seats, but no radical re-invention.

* Exchange of Forbes/Parkes for Wellington/Midwestern between Parkes and Calare (Nat objection- assume it benefits them in Calare).

* Re-uniting a few thousand electors in some rural shires (Tenterfield, Gwydir, Lachlan, Central Darling)

* Very minor touch ups to a handful of rural and urban seats.

* Most significant change is the proposed ‘McMahon’ being re-named ‘Reid’, with the existing division of Prospect being given the new name of ‘McMahon’.

Antony Green has also posted a completed pendulum, and I will complete the pendulum on the 2010 federal election guide when I get a chance. Finally, I’ve posted below an image of the electorates for the next federal election:

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  1. Throsby has expanded West to cover places like Mossvale, Mittagong, Bowral, Berrima, Exeter and Robertson. However, it is still notionally very safe labor with a margin of 16.5% two party preferred.

    Cunningham has expanded northwards to cover the Royal National Park, including Bundeena and Heathcote. Still notionally very safe labor with a margin of 17%.

    Most interesting of all is Gilmore. It has expanded northwards to include parts of Shellharbour and is now notionally a labor seat with a margin of 0.2%! JGash may be on the way out. Green preferences could be very important in deciding the outcome.

    All this means that at the next election the Illawarra Greens will have to travel further, coordinate many more booths and run a campaign which includes more rural issues. But, the people of the Shoalhaven and Southern Illawarra will receive full marginal seat attention from both parties.

  2. Love the line at the bottom. “Would you make a good Federal MP? Call….”

    I’ve been impressed by Saffin.

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