Victoria 2014 – the complete guide


Today I’m launching the Tally Room guide to the 2014 Victorian state election.

The guide includes profiles of all eighty-eight Legislative Assembly districts, and all eight Legislative Council regions, including candidates, 2010 election results and descriptions of each electorate’s geography, history and the impact of the redistribution on that electorate.

I will continue to update the candidate lists up to the date when nominations close in early November.

Each of these pages includes a comments thread, where you can discuss the election campaign in that seat, or comment on my guide. Please post any feedback about information I am missing, or errors in my content.

The guide also includes a summary of the redistribution, a run-through of the key seats in the election, and articles profiling the history of Victorian state politics – over the last century, and over the last four years.

The election will be held on Saturday, 29 November. Current polling suggests that the Labor Party will benefit from a swing. The ALP needs to win five seats, which would require a uniform swing of 0.9%. Most recent polling has Labor on track for a swing of 3-6%.

Now that this guide is complete, I am moving on to prepare my guide to the 2015 Queensland state election, and the 2015 NSW state election. I am on track to have the Queensland guide finished this year, and the NSW guide finished well in advance of the election in late March 2015.

If you appreciate this work, please leave a comment and let us know about your seat, or a seat that interests you. You could also support my ongoing work by giving a small regular donation. To do so, click on the “buy a subscription” box on the right-hand side of the screen, or the “donate” button on the top menu. This page allows you to give a one-off donation or a small monthly donation.

Over the next two months I will feature each Victorian electorate on the front page of the blog, but all of the posts are now up and can be viewed by visiting the guide at the following link.

Guide to the Victorian state election.

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