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There a whole bunch of interesting preselections currently taking place or concluding in various Greens state parties. Unfortunately I know a lot more than I’m able to say here, but I’ll give you what I can. This list shows that the Greens are currently preselecting for potential new MPs in every state  except for Western Australia (where they’ve hit the ceiling for the near future).

It looks like Tammy Jennings is the clear frontrunner now to be the Greens’ lead MLC candidate in South Australia. I can’t say any more than that at this time.

Former president of Liberty Victoria and prominent barrister Brian Walters SC has been preselected as the Greens candidate for the state seat of Melbourne, defeating, amongst others, Moonee Valley councillor and President of the Victorian Local Government Association, Rose Iser.

The preselection to choose the Queensland Greens Senate candidate is currently underway, with the process wrapping up in early October. There may be other candidates, but there are at least four candidates, with Connors and Waters being the clear frontrunners:

  • Larissa Waters – 2007 Senate candidate and 2009 candidate for Mount Coot-tha
  • Libby Connors – Perennial candidate, most recently in Yeerongpilly at the 2009 state election.
  • Jenny Stirling – Perennial candidate in the Townsville area.

The Greens are also currently choosing their candidate for the ACT Senate race. While nominations are yet to close, it appears that previously reported rumours about potential candidates do not appear to be accurate. However, there is another figure from outside the party who appears to be the frontrunner, and hopefully I can report that at a later date.

Preselection for the Victorian Legislative Council’s Eastern Metropolitan region is also taking place at the moment. The race is the best chance for the Victorian Greens to elect another MLC from Melbourne. Amongst those standing are Emma Henley and Peter Campbell, who both have websites, although it appears Henley’s website is no longer accessible. Update: Stephen L reports in comments that Eastern Metro preselection was won by Damian Magner, 2006 candidate for Eltham. Marcus Ward has also been preselected to run again in Western Victoria.

The Tasmanian Greens have chosen their candidate for Braddon, the only electorate which does not have an incumbent Greens MHA. The candidate is Paul O’Halloran, who led the ticket at the 2006 election. I think it’s safe to assume that Nick McKim, Kim Booth, Tim Morris and Cassy O’Connor will be preselected again in their own seats.

The Greens are set to preselect a former politician with no previous links to the Greens to run in the federal seat of Brisbane, and I’m not talking about Ronan Lee.

The NSW Greens are about to kick off the preselection to choose our ticket for the Legislative Council for the 2011 state election and to choose a replacement for Lee Rhiannon when she resigns to run for the Senate. The preselection will take place mainly in October-November with the conclusion in early December. I’m actually the Returning Officer, so it will be inappropriate for me to provide any commentary, beyond possibly listing the candidates when nominations close. I’ve also decided that it would be too hard for me to separate my RO role from moderating comments on the topic, so any comments on the NSW Greens Legislative Council preselection will be deleted. Sorry, you’ll need to go somewhere else.

Update: I originally listed Matthew Ryan-Sykes as a Queensland Senate candidate, but apparently he is not standing. Sorry for my mistake.

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  1. Has everybody been reading ALL the Labor wankers on The Poll Bludger! Another little attack on our Senator from South Australia! It is REALLY sad, all the “Apologists” for the ALP when basically they are against human rights and equality for ALL citizens! It is about time that Greens stop ‘bending over’ to the Labor Party! Direct Action is needed! Lets stop the silly smiles of the Cate Blanchetts of this world and start getting ‘serious’. To start with it is so sad that Rudd and his Mrs are homophobes! Good start! For that matter the ALP are homophobes! They want our to take our money via Centrelink but are not up to scratch when it comes to same-sex rights! Sorry Ben but if you are going to have a “Greens” site, it is about time people were not so POLITE and said how things really are!

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