Miranda by-election 2013 – results live


Primary vote results

Murray ScottGRN1,7294.35-4.42
Lisa WaltersIND8252.08+2.08
Barry CollierALP18,50446.56+24.31
George CapsisCDP2,7917.02+3.49
Brett ThomasLIB15,56739.17-21.55
John BrettIND3280.83-3.90
Total formal votes39,744

Two-party-preferred vote results

Brett ThomasLIB16,56544.79-26.21
Barry CollierALP20,41855.21+26.21
Total votes in final count36,983
Exhausted votes2,761

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9:34pm – At this point, we have primary votes from all election-day booths, as well as prepoll and Ivote. We also have the final two-party count for all of those groups of votes apart from Ivote.

Now check out the booth maps:

Two-party-preferred votes at the 2013 Miranda by-election.
Two-party-preferred votes at the 2013 Miranda by-election.
Two-party-preferred swings at the 2013 Miranda by-election.
Two-party-preferred swings at the 2013 Miranda by-election.

8:39pm – We now have all ordinary votes in. The swing after preferences to Labor ranged from 19.2% in Miranda Public School, up to 32.9% at Kirrawee Public School.

8:34pm – There are lots of factors: Sutherland Shire’s ICAC issues, Barry Collier’s return, the premature departure of Graham Annesley, but here’s one to consider. After the worst bushfires in NSW in over a decade, Miranda was completely blanketed in smoke this morning, and firefighters were at every booth asking people to put the Liberal Party last.

7:59pm – So now we have fourteen booths reporting primary votes and four booths reporting the result after preferences.

7:49pm – All ten booths have reported swings to Labor of over 20%, ranging from 20.6% at Miranda PS to 29.7% at Grays Point PS.

7:41pm – It looks like Labor is going to win. Off eight booths, Labor is on 48.8% of the primary vote, and looks set to stay at that level.

7:31pm – There are still no results on the NSWEC website, but the ABC has started posting polling place results that have Labor on track to win. Will post these figures shortly.

6:00pm – Polls have just closed in the southern Sydney state seat of Miranda. I’ll be covering the results here as they come in.

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  1. Where do you think the doubling in the CDP vote is coming from? Does John Brett have right-wing Christian leanings?

    I’m assuming that Collier’s personal vote is a lot larger than people thought, otherwise if this is the general mood of the electorate, 2015 could be all over the place.

  2. I’m just speechless at the swing, but Annesley’s walking out 2.5 years into his term was a total shocker!!!

  3. The swing on pre-poll votes is the same, which suggests the impact of the fires and FBEU campaign was minimal, which probably makes the result more surprising. Annesley had two shots at the seat and then left after just 2.5 years in the job, so voters presumably weren’t very impressed by that, but it’s quite surprising given Labor’s state-wide polling has still been consistently poor.

  4. The Libs are on the nose in the Shire. The Party of the developers and their cronies exposed in the SMH. Good on the FBEU, Nurses & NSWTF for exposing the “Tea Party” agenda of the Libs. What now for “climate change is crap” Abbott?

  5. Numerous negatives for the libs are reason for the massive swing. Many are local issues … suth council referred to icac, cuts to firies funding,widespread anger at the closing down of fisheries research at cronulla after 100+ years and arrogant handling by ofarrell, new rail
    timetable problems. Ridiculous matter of annesley jumping ship. Federal libs not exactly covering themselves in glory – brandis,randall abbott rorting the system. No blanket propaganda from murdoch. The list never ends. Libs could really expect the belting they got.

  6. George Capsis is well known, popular and campaiged hard, more personal than CDP. This election is very personal, it is difficult to argue the libs are on the nose when both federal mps safely retained their seats only a few weeks ago. It is much more a vote for popular Barry Collier than one for the labor party. The local issues with regard to the council and overdevelopment are clear. Rather unfortunate for a good candidate like Brett Thomas, copping what isn’t his fault, but congratulations to Barry Collier.

  7. Given that there are NO checks on people voting at multiple sites, this by election, and the general election before it is a complete farce
    Time that people only had their name at ONE polling booth.

  8. Sure Kev, that must be it. I’ll take a bet that there were fewer than ten double up votes and they were all nice elderly people who postal voted and then forgot about it so voted again.

  9. Given that there are NO checks on people voting at multiple sites

    Couldn’t be more wrong. The lists are checked after election day, and the number of people who vote more than once is tiny, and almost always in the category PJ described (elderly people double-voting by accident).

    Conspiracy theories don’t help you explain this result.

  10. Dreaming….last election there were approx 100 double vote in ALL of Aust. Get over it the limbs in Miranda are on the nose.

  11. Kev get over it, labor don’t make that crap up abut the Penrith by-election, labor accepted the defeat. The fact is the libs have taken the shire for granted and accomplished nothing for the are and the people finally had enough and sent the biggest swing in a nsw by-election as a message to the premier and government. It was pathetic for the liberals to lose this seat

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