Miranda by-election guide


miranda1-2ppA by-election will be held in the NSW state seat of Miranda on 19 October. Miranda covers parts of the Sutherland Shire in southern Sydney.

The seat has traditionally voted Liberal but Barry Collier held the seat for Labor from 1999 to 2011.

In 2011, Collier retired and the Liberal Party’s Graham Annesley won the seat – with a massive swing of 21.8% across the seat.

Annesley was a former senior executive at the NRL and was appointed immediately as Minister for Sport and Recreation. In August 2013 he resigned both as a minister and as Member for Miranda to take up the CEO’s role at the Gold Coast Titans NRL team.

The Liberal Party should comfortably hold Miranda, which they now hold with a 21% margin. But that 2011 margin was inflated, and if the ALP has made any kind of recovery in its performance in NSW state politics, it should be able to drag that margin down. The seat will be interesting to watch to see whether this happens.

Read the Miranda profile here.

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  1. What the hell happened?

    Why on earth would anyone vote Labour?

    Rocks for brains

    Hasn’t Labour stuffed this country up enough.

  2. This election should be re-run this is disgusting

    8:34pm – There are lots of factors: Sutherland Shire’s ICAC issues, Barry Collier’s return, the premature departure of Graham Annesley, but here’s one to consider. After the worst bushfires in NSW in over a decade, Miranda was completely blanketed in smoke this morning, and

    *****firefighters were at every booth asking people to put the Liberal Party last.*****

    Should be called as invalid

  3. I am very anti-Union having grown up in a Communist household I know exactly what they are. I have seen them at work, even here in this country in recent years. Take a look at the Sydney Alliance. That is one Union money making racket. They are passed their ‘use by date’. Good in their time.

    Going to polling booths and doing what they did is typical of the Left and dirty politics.

  4. Total rubbish Shirl. Everyone has the right to recommend votes, whether unions or the Christian lobby. What they had to say about closing fire stations was totally reasonable too. Who would vote for a party that closes essential services? (Rhetorical question)

    I appreciate you have sour grapes, but the Alan Jones-esque “typical of the left” conspiracy theory is lazy muckraking.

  5. Nothing to do with Left/Right/ or anything between. I am a very keen ‘helper’ at election time and one thing I know not to do is to rubbish another party or a candidate. It is unethical and like it or not bad habit of the Left, as we saw with Gillard’s rhetoric in Parliament, of Abbott.

    By the way in the case of ‘Left/Right/ or anything between’ I think Gillard is a brilliant politician, who her party did the wrong thing by. She was pushed in ahead of time and consequently this country has lost a great politician.

  6. You are kidding right, Shirl? What of the intimidating tactics used by The LNP volunteers at the federal election? And Gillard’s treatment of Abbott? Take a bit of step back and look at the three years of abuse Gillard copped from not only Abbott but his cheerleaders at the Murdoch press, the shock jocks & much of the broadcast media who were too busy noticing voice, hair & bottom for any serious debate to take place.
    In short, you need to take the blinkers off & try a bit of objective reflection.

  7. Shirl is just bitter and trying to blame firefighters for the huge swing. They only came out on Election Day, most people make up their mind before then

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