Tuesday counting update


Another short update on today’s counting in tight races.

  • Barton – the addition of more ordinary votes has narrowed the Labor lead from 68 to 42.
  • Capricornia – the addition of more ordinary votes has increased the Labor lead from 141 to 152.
  • McEwen – Labor MP Rob Mitchell’s lead of 66 votes has turned into a 331-vote lead for the Liberal Party’s Donna Petrovich on the addition of 2800 postal votes.
  • Eden-Monaro – The addition of three more booths has increased the Liberal lead from 246 to 569.
  • Reid – The Liberal lead has widened from 634 votes to 682.
  • Dobell – The Liberal lead has narrowed from 981 to 707 votes.
  • Indi – Cathy McGowan’s 1754-vote lead has narrowed to 764 today, without any postal or absentee votes being added. It seems likely that McGowan will fall behind Mirabella with those additional votes.
  • Petrie – The LNP’s Luke Howarth has had his margin narrow slightly from 786 votes to 746.
  • Fairfax – CLive Palmer’s lead has narrowed from 51.83 to 50.99, or 1,391 votes.
  • Fisher – The AEC has been slow in counting the hypothetical two-candidate vote between Mal Brough and the PUP candidate Bill Schoch. With 25 of 42 booths reporting, Brough’s lead has narrowed to 54.11%, which will probably be enough, but with a lot of votes to count.
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  1. I’ll be bold and say that Eden-Monaro, Reid, Dobell, Petrie, Fairfax and Fisher are settled. I think Barton, McEwan, Capricornia and Indi are still in play. I do think Indi will fall the the Independent however given the news today.

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