Lyndhurst by-election live


8:23pm – All ordinary votes have come in, with prepoll and postal votes yet to come. Labor’s vote is sitting just over 40%. Sex Party and Greens preferences will ensure Labor wins, but it’s a big loss. I’m going to come back later tonight with some maps and analysis of the results, but that’s it for now.

7:49pm – We have twelve booths in so far. Labor is just under 40%, followed by Family First on 16.6%. Then Vo, the Greens and the Sex Party.

7:19pm – We now have six booths in. While the Greens are up, the old Liberal vote seems to have flowed to a number of right-wing candidates including the DLP and Family First, and the Sex Party is performing strongly with the donkey vote. The ALP vote is down 17.9%, but Labor is still far out in front.

7:06pm – Hung Vo polled less than 5% in Southvale in 2010, this time over 21%. Presumably all Liberal votes.

7:04pm – First booth in is Southvale. Labor’s vote dropped by 24% to 35.6%.

6:31pm – I’ll be live-blogging the results over the next hour as results come in from the Lyndhurst by-election. No-one is predicting any trouble for the ALP’s Martin Pakula in maintaining the seat.

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