Georges River council election, 2021

Georges River covers parts of southern Sydney on the north side of the Georges River. The council is bordered to the west by Salt Pan Creek, by Broad Arrow Road and the M5 to the north, and by Kingsgrove Road, Croydon Road, the Princes Highway and Rocky Point Road to the east.

The council covers the suburbs of Blakehurst, Kogarah, Hurstville, Connells Point, Allawah, Penshurst, Oatley, Mortdale, Peakhurst, Lugarno, Beverly Hills and Riverwood. The council has a population of about 160,000 as of 2019.

Georges River is divided into five wards, with each ward electing three councillors.

Hurstville ward covers northern parts of the council, including Beverly Hills and Kingsgrove.

Peakhurst ward covers the western end of the council, including Lugarno, Peakhurst and Riverwood.

Mortdale ward covers north-western parts of the council, including Mortdale and Penshurst.

Blakehurst ward covers south-eastern parts of the council close to the river, including Blakehurst, Oatley, Connells Point and Hurstville Grove.

Kogarah Bay ward covers the eastern end of the council, including Allawah, Kogarah Bay and Kogarah.

Incumbent councillors

Blakehurst Sam Elmir (Liberal) Sandy Grekas (Ind) Kathryn Landsberry (Lab)
Hurstville Vince Badalati (Labor) Nancy Liu (Ind) Christina Wu (Liberal)
Kogarah Bay Stephen Agius (Lib) Nick Katris (Labor) Leesha Payor (Ind)
Mortdale Con Hindi (Liberal) Lou Konjarski (Ind) Warren Tegg (Labor)
Peakhurst Kevin Greene (Labor) Rita Kastanias (Lib) Colleen Symington (Lab)

Georges River Council was created out of a merger of Hurstville and Kogarah councils in 2016. The 2017 guide covers the previous history of these two councils and how much of the new council came from its predecessors.

Labor was dominant in Hurstville until 2012, although they did not hold a majority. The Liberal Party won the mayoralty after the 2012 election, but the party blocs broke down on the council during that term.

Liberal and Labor generally shared power in Kogarah from 2004 to 2012, but after 2012 the Liberal Party held half the seats and generally had a working majority.

Both councils was merged to form Georges River Council in 2016.

The 2017 election produced a council with six Labor councillors, five Liberals and four independents, including a member of the Kogarah Residents’ Association.

Labor’s Kevin Greene has held the mayoralty since 2017, but the deputy mayoralty has switched between Labor and Liberal.

Candidate summary
Watch this space.

Neither major party is dominant in Georges River. Both parties have a base of five seats and would be looking at picking up second seats in each ward. Labor currently has a second seat in Peakhurst, but that is far from safe. The Liberal Party has the potential to pick up a second in Blakehurst with a small uptick in their vote but their vote in the other wards is too low to have a realistic prospect of picking up extra seats.

2017 results

PartyVotes%SwingSeats won
Labor 27,93138.04+10.06
Liberal 24,64433.57-4.35
Other independents13,49418.38+18.43
Greens 3,4744.73+4.7
Kogarah Residents Association3,3844.61+4.61
Christian Democrats4910.67+0.7

Vote breakdown by ward
The following table show the vote in each ward at the 2017 election.

Labor topped the primary vote in four out of five wards, with a vote ranging from 30.5% in Blakehurst to 42.4% in Peakhurst.

The Liberal vote ranged from 28% in Hurstville to 42.4%.

The vote for independents, including the Kogarah Residents’ Association in Kogarah Bay, was more than a quota in three wards.

Voter groupALP %LIB %IND %
Blakehurst Ward30.542.427.1
Hurstville Ward39.128.029.4
Kogarah Bay Ward40.234.125.8
Mortdale Ward38.230.920.4
Peakhurst Ward42.432.012.7

Election results at the 2017 Georges River Council election
Toggle between primary votes for Labor, the Liberal Party and independent candidates.

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