Solomon – Australia 2025

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  1. The 2024 election could be a litmus test on what’s going to happen in both seats as well as in qld especially given the govt could go as early as august

  2. Greens actually cracked 20% 3 party preferred here. Not that it seems particularly winnable or anything just that’s usually the point where the party starts taking it seriously. It’s higher than “target seat” Sturt.

    If Greens can break through at any seat in the NT election that could be cause to mount a campaign. I don’t think Greens will try all that hard in the NT until there’s a winnable senate seat though.

  3. @ John (second)
    It actually does not surprise me that Solomon is relatively good for Greens. If you look at Census Data many people will be surprised that it is actually better educated, more diverse and higher income than Australia as a whole. I think the CALD community exceeds the Indigenous community in Solomon. Darwin Waterfront precient is the 4th least disadvanataged part of Australia and is up there with places like Killara

  4. I wonder if the NT Crime Wave might hurt Labor in this seat and Lingiari as well? It possibly was why they have a high No Vote for The Voice (64% No) despite having a descent Yes Vote for Gay Marriage (65% Yes).


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