Oxley – Australia 2025

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  1. Given the death of Bill Hayden today, I would think this seat is a possibility to be renamed at the next redistribution. Or the name Hayden could be applied to a new QLD seat in the future.

  2. Agree possibly to a new seat in future could be named Hayden but as not a PM not likely to automatically be renamed.

  3. It could be renamed as he was GG, There is a few seats named after GG’s such as Hasluck and Isaacs. Rankin could also be a candidate to rename the seat to Hayden.

  4. Very clever Watson.

    I doubt Rankin would get renamed as it was named after Dame Annabelle Rankin, and there is a vast minority of seats named for women. In Queensland, only five of the current seats (Rankin, Moncrieff, Longman, Fairfax and Wright) are named for women. Four seats are named for geographical features (Capricornia, Wide Bay, Maranoa and McPherson).

    Oxley, whilst being the name of a Federation seat, was abolished in 1934 and recreated in 1949.

  5. NQ View,
    I thought Herbert and Dawson were named after rivers and McPherson was named after the mountain range on the NSW/Qld border.

  6. Watson,
    You’d think so, but not quite. Herbert was named after the first premier of Queensland, Robert Herbert, and not the river near Ingham that was within its boundaries when it was first established. Dawson was named after the first Labor premier of Queensland, Anderson Dawson, who held the job for a week and later became Christian Watson’s defence minister. As best I can tell, the Dawson River has never been within the Dawson electorate.

  7. Although, looking at Wikipedia, it seems the Herbert River too was named for Robert Herbert. So there you go. The division of Herbert was named for the premier though, not the river.


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