McPherson – Australia 2025

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  1. It’s been reported in the Australian, LNP Party insiders are said to be “increasingly concerned” about the emergence of a “McPherson Matters” group that is preparing a teal independent bid for this seat. LNP are moving fast with the preselection process to try withstand the teal threat with Maggie Forrest, barrister and the party’s honorary legal adviser reported as the frontrunner to replace Karen Andrews as the LNP’s candidate for McPherson.

  2. Nightwatchman

    I wonder what hope the teal movement has here? On the one hand, a retiring member provides the opportunity for change. On the other, the anti-Liberal and anti-Morrison momentum that most of the teals owe their victory to simply won’t be there as it was in 2022. As we saw in Victoria last year, they are nothing without that wave. Also, it is often suggested that the teal seats, the “drawing rooms of Toorak”, are the heartland of the Liberal party. If I were to name a heartland for the Liberal party, it would be here on the Gold Coast (and Cook). But still, if the Greens can take Ryan and Brisbane, who am I to claim to know anything about what goes on up there?

  3. @douglas agree that the teals don’t really have a chance here the demographic is certainly more your typical retiree liberal rather then the blue ribbon inner city seats. Also the Greens winning in Ryan I don’t think was particularly surprising there was rumblings of either a lab or green win there for most of the election and the Greens hold Maiwar. Brisbane is far less divided on economic and cultural lines compared to the north south divide in Sydney for example so it allows for more “unexpected” results.

    @turnbull srsly dude come on

  4. @sam the libs fortunes in maiwar may determine their fortunes in Ryan or vice versa depending on when the fed is

  5. From what I’ve heard, the Greens have a good chance of making it one of their priority seats if Currumbin or Burleigh can become much better for the Greens, which they have potential to. However it was rejected as a priority seat for them for the next election which is unlikely to change.

  6. @Turnbull Seriously you’ve just justified why all women should vote against any male sitting for election with the attitude you have just displayed what you and your male counterparts think of women 😡


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