Senate – Western Australia – Australia 2022

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  1. There’ll definitely be 2 Labor, 2 Liberal and 1 green elected (Lines, Sterle, Cash, Smith, and soon to be Senator Cox). The contest will be between Ben Small, who replaced Mathias Cormann, and Fatima Payman, who could become the first MP or Senator to wear a hijab in Parliament.

  2. Labor’s vote is fast collapsing in WA with every word coming out of McGowan and Sanderson’s mouths.

    If they’re pushing ahead with reopening despite the clear democratic will of the WA people, and going down the vaccination passport/ mandatory ID/ surveillance state route instead, their support isn’t still there like it was. No one here wants the border to reopen. Virtually no one. And what they’re bringing in instead is just horrifying.

  3. This is starting to look like a very interesting contest – if there’s any way labour can keep its 26 senators this cycle after the disaster in Queensland 2019, keeping their third senator here seems much more likely than gaining one in Victoria. With the current polls from WA they seem set to win it, but whether the gap closes is yet to be seen.

    I disagree with Ryan Spencer though, i wouldn’t be certain that the greens get one in. In fact this is might be the one sate where they don’t get a senator up.

    – Take the most recent piece of WA polling
    – lab 46, lib 39, grn 7, on 3, uap 1, und 4

    that immediately creates 3 labour and 2 liberal with one remaining – with a 15 percent quota the grns have 7% libs 9% on 3% and uap 1% – I see most likely these preferences of the far right favouring the liberal candidate.

    The one thing that might sabotage the elimination of the greens could be a revamping of the Wa national vote, due to being the official opposition, which might just split the vote enough to allow the greens to squeak through,


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