Elwick – Tasmania LC 2022

Incumbent MLC
Josh Willie (Labor), since 2016.

Northern suburbs of Hobart. Elwick covers most of the Glenorchy council area, including Moonah, West Moonah, Lutana, Montrose, Goodwood and Rosetta.

Elwick shifted slightly south, taking in part of New Town and losing Chigwell.

The electorate of Elwick was created in 1999 when the Legislative Council was reduced in size from 19 to 15 seats. The seat has been won by Labor at two of three elections.

Labor MLC David Crean inherited Elwick in 1999, having won the seat of Buckingham in 1992. Crean had been elected as an independent in 1992 after having sat as a lower house Labor member for Denison from 1989 until 1992, but sat as a Labor MLC from 1993.

Crean retired in 2004, and Elwick was won by Labor’s candidate, Glenorchy mayor Terry Martin. Martin was expelled from the ALP in 2007 after crossing the floor to vote against a bill dealing with a pulp mill. He later faced criminal charges, and retired in 2010.

Labor did contest Elwick in 2010, but were defeated by independent Adriana Taylor. Taylor held Elwick for one term, and was defeated in 2016 by Labor candidate Josh Willie.


There is no such thing as a ‘safe seat’ in the Tasmanian Legislative Council but Elwick leans strongly to Labor, and Willie is the favourite to be re-elected.

2016 result

Candidate Party Votes %
Josh Willie Labor 8,916 46.6
Adriana Taylor Independent 7,868 41.2
Penelope Ann Greens 2,332 12.2
Informal 1,019 5.1

2016 two-candidate-preferred result

Candidate Party Votes %
Josh Willie Labor 10,165 53.2
Adriana Taylor Independent 8,951 46.8

Booth breakdown

Booths in Elwick have been divided into three areas: east, north and south-west.

Labor topped the primary vote in all three areas, with a primary vote ranging from 46.4% in the south-west to 48.1% in the east. The Labor vote was a bit lower on the pre-poll and postal vote.

Taylor’s primary vote ranged from 36.2% in the east to 42.9% in the north.

Voter group ALP % Taylor % Total votes % of votes
South-West 46.4 41.5 6,355 33.2
East 48.1 36.2 5,407 28.3
North 47.3 42.9 3,163 16.5
Pre-poll 44.5 44.9 2,334 12.2
Postal 46.8 45.8 1,395 7.3
Other votes 38.5 49.1 462 2.4

Election results in Elwick at the 2016 Legislative Council election
Toggle between primary votes for Labor candidate Josh Willie, independent candidate Adriana Taylor and Greens candidate Penelope Ann.


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