Strathfield by-election, 2022

Cause of by-election
Sitting Labor MP Jodi McKay announced her retirement from parliament in October 2021, following her loss of the Labor leadership in May 2021.

MarginALP 5.0%

Inner West Sydney. Strathfield covers parts of Ashfield, Burwood, Canada Bay, Canterbury and Strathfield local government areas, specifically the suburbs of Croydon, Burwood, Enfield, Homebush and Strathfield.

The electoral district of Strathfield has existed since 1988. The seat was held until 1999 by the Liberal Party, and by Labor from 1999 to 2011, when the Liberal Party won it back.

It was first won in 1988 by Paul Zammit. He had won the seat of Burwood in 1984, holding it for one term before it was abolished. Burwood had been held by conservative candidates for close to a century before the ALP won it in 1978.

Zammit served as a junior minister in the Coalition state government from 1991 to 1995. In 1996, he resigned from Strathfield and won the federal seat of Lowe. He only held it for one term, as he resigned from the Liberal Party in 1998 in protest over aircraft noise. He ran as an independent in Lowe at the 1998 federal election, losing to the ALP’s John Murphy.

The 1996 Strathfield by-election was won by the Liberal Party’s Bruce McCarthy.

Prior to the 1999 election, Strathfield was redrawn to take in parts of the abolished Labor seat of Ashfield, cutting back McCarthy’s margin.

At the 1999 election, McCarthy lost to the ALP’s Paul Whelan, the sitting Member for Ashfield. Whelan had held Ashfield since the 1976 election. He had served as a minister in the Wran Labor government from 1981 to 1984. He served as Minister for Police from 1995 to 2001, and as Leader of the House until 2003, when he retired.

Whelan was succeeded by Strathfield mayor Virginia Judge in 2003. She was re-elected in 2007, and served as a minister in the Labor government from 2008 to 2011.

In 2011, Judge lost to Liberal candidate Charles Casuscelli.

Casuscelli held Strathfield for one term, losing in 2015 to Labor candidate Jodi McKay. McKay had previously represented Newcastle from 2007 until 2011, and had served as a minister from 2008 until 2011. She went straight back to the frontbench after returning to parliament in 2015, and was elected Labor leader after the 2019 election. McKay resigned the Labor leadership in May 2021 and stepped down from Strathfield in October 2021.


  • Ellie Robertson (Sustainable Australia)
  • Jason Yat-Sen Li (Labor)
  • Elizabeth Farrelly (Independent)
  • Rohan Laxmanalal (Animal Justice)
  • Courtney Buckley (Greens)
  • Bridget Sakr (Liberal)

Strathfield is a reasonably marginal seat, but it seems unlikely the Liberal Party could win this by-election.

2019 result

Jodi McKayLabor20,47544.3+2.0
Philip MadirazzaLiberal17,97238.9-3.8
Crisetta MacleodGreens4,0618.80.0
Vinay OrekondyKeep Sydney Open1,4433.1+3.1
Jack LiangConservatives1,2372.7+2.7
Simon FletcherAnimal Justice1,0292.2+2.2

2019 two-party-preferred result

Jodi McKayLabor23,51955.0+3.2
Philip MadirazzaLiberal19,24545.0-3.2

Booth breakdown

Booths in Strathfield have been split into three parts: east, south and west.

Labor won a majority of the two-party-preferred vote in all three areas, ranging from 52.5% in the west to 56.9% in the east.

Voter groupGRN primALP 2PPTotal votes% of votes
Other votes12.155.610,55722.8

Election results in Strathfield at the 2019 NSW state election
Toggle between two-party-preferred votes and primary votes for the Liberal Party, Labor and the Greens.

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  1. Well Jodi McKay was also parachuted and didn’t have any connection whatsoever to Strathfield either prior to her election so I don’t think it would be that big of a problem for him. It would be very difficult for the Liberals to win this seat as the 5% Labor margin is quite a big hurdle and governments tend to get swings against them in by-elections. The Liberals would most likely be too preoccupied with trying to retain the other seats with by-elections than making a decent effort to win this off Labor. In addition, I doubt Perrottet’s handling of the COVID outbreak would be very popular among voters here. If Jason does somehow lose, this would be an even bigger upset than the Upper Hunter by-election and Chris Minns would very likely have to give up the Labor leadership like Jodi McKay did especially because unlike Upper Hunter they actually hold this.

  2. John Smith – Im sorry but your characterisation of Upper Hunter as an “upset” is crazy. Nats have held this seat for 110 years, and there by election was held at the time of Gladys’s greatest popularity. Lyzell will now hold because he is building up his personal brand.

    The only problem that might emerge for ALP in Strathfield is the possibility of Fekar now running as an independent.

  3. I placed bets on the results of individual seats in the 2019 state election, and my biggest win (by quite a lot) was Upper Hunter. People seemed to forget (in 2019 and in the by-election) that there was a 21% swing towards Labor in 2015.

  4. Agree Nicholas, Upper Hunter was traditionally a ‘safe’ National seat prior to 2015 and is now marginal because the National vote has fallen, being absorbed by other minor conservative parties like SFF and One Nation without flowing back as preferences.

  5. Nicholas it would have been absurd to predict the Nats holding Upper Hunter in 2019 BEFORE Daley’s gaffes. When Labor was looking to win the state election before Daley’s gaffes they would have won UH but considering Labor lost and it was 52-48 statewide if Labor had done 3-4% better on the TPP statewide it wouldn’t be hard to believe Labor winning in UH.

    Liberals have a hells chance of freezing over of winning here on current polling and basing it on history. People think I am biased to Labor well let me tell you I still predict Labor to gain no seats in QLD at the next federal election. I believe there will be lots of regional variations (higher than usual) Because the electorate is changing it isn’t the same old battleground we are used to.

    As I said before the premiers conservatism will play well in Upper Hunter while it will play out poorly in places like this. Labor won’t get a BIG swing to them but an average one because of the loss of the personal vote of the sitting member.

    For those attacking me for being biased to Labor you can know I am not a member of the party nor do I support (I am blanking my ballot at the next election at this stage because neither party has earned my vote)

  6. @Daniel

    Sportsbet were paying almost $3 for the Nationals to win Upper Hunter. Even if the expectation was that Labor would win by 52-48, how is that even remotely close to what you could call an “absurd” bet? Were it $2 I probably wouldn’t have taken it.

  7. Daniel

    “Because the electorate is changing it isn’t the same old battleground we are used to” is the reason why there is likely to be little to no change federally in QLD. It just does not make sense though for there to be a groundswell in NSW or any other part of the country for there to definitively be a change of federal government.

    Yes, history suggests the Liberals picking up Strathfield in a state byelection is a tall order. I’ll yield to other people down south with knowledge of how things history could be upturned.

    There is so much more grey areas with how electoral geography/history works. It is not black and white thing that commentators and the media like to boil things down to because of their obsession with drama that is increasingly detached from reality (conservatives vs socialists, Murdoch vs the rest…).

    I think that is where a lot of the frustration at your comments may come from, not accusing you of bias.
    Chin up mate, life experience will come

  8. NSW Parliament is really dragging their feet in setting a date for these by-elections, all because the Member for Holsworthy is having a bet each way.
    Given that many of these state seats overlap with marginal or contestable (if a strong independent is running) Federal seats, the broader timing impact will more likely be detrimental on the Federal government.
    I’ve seen more campaigning from the Federal candidate for Reid than I have either of the state candidates for Strathfield in the last 2 weeks- and the by-election is supposed to precede the Federal election.
    Chris Minns has been campaigning in Bega, which I’m not sure why.
    Also the Nats missed a perfect opportunity to run a candidate there, as did the Libs in Monaro. They could’ve squeezed Labor and the Independents out through preferencing one another.
    Broadly speaking from a strategic standpoint- has Labor (both State and Federally) done a deal with North Shore independents to tacitly withdraw from races like Willougby, Warringah, Wentworth, Mackellar and North Sydney in order to save funds and direct them to more winnable races- whilst causing the Libs to waste resources sandbagging “safe” seats.
    In theory this is a smarter move by Labor, as an alliance/coalition with a handful of independents is more palatable than one with the Greens, electorally speaking.
    It appears the same case is in Victoria as well.

  9. Lj Davidson, the reason why Libs and Nationals avoid running in contests together is to avoid preferences exausting, allowing labor to win with a lower vote. NSW should follow the lead of Queensland and have the Liberal and National parties merge, although it could be problematic with the different factions.

  10. @ Yoh An- NSW is a bit of a different beast, and the Nats here are more quick to heel than their aggressive Queensland counterparts who would contest even outer metro seats. Nats know their role and stick to a select number of seats in rural and regional NSW, and are somewhat rewarded disproportionately in Cabinet.

    It’s also more advantageous to keep the brands separate, as the Nats can play the “honest” broker and go against their coalition partner (even if it is for show), and keep smaller right wing parties at bay. With the exception of the Shooters- who gained more notoriety after the greyhound ban- NSW has not has the same surge of One Nation, Katter, Palmer as Queensland, I think in part due to the Libs and Nats remaining separate.

    On voter exhaustion, as we have Optional Preferential down here the outcome would be relatively the same as the Libs and Nats, on prior experience, have run with a just vote “1”. However, this could be circumvented by a simple 1,2. Conservative parties usually rely on exhaustion as this is the closest model to First Past the Post, and this would favour the Libs and Nats, especially where there is a fledgling Greens vote that splits from Labor (but then rebounds back after preferences).
    Particularly in regional seats, where there is not a clear demarcation between Liberals and Nationals due to non-partisan Councils, personality plays a large part in state elections and running both parties could be a good hedge at keeping people inside the tent, rather than risking Independent runs

  11. LJ Davidson.

    Labor have not withdrawn from North Sydney – quite the opposite:

    And I am not sure how withdrawing makes it more difficult for the Government and would cause them to spend more resources than if Labor ran. In fact, there is a strong theory that under OPV, Labor is better to run and the seat is more at danger from an IND. Under Compulsory preferential, it really shouldn’t make any difference.

  12. @ High Street, thanks for advising, I just got the impression the smart money was on them perhaps shifting resources to target more marginal, winnable seats. I’m sure Labor won’t put much money into seats like Wentworth and North Sydney, even though they might have quality candidates, as they have Buckley’s chance of winning.
    If people think the Liberal brand has diminished, the Labor brand even more so in these areas. As evidenced by the rise of the Greens.
    If a party is serious about winning government, you wouldn’t waste a lot of time and money on something that is unwinnable, however you could destabilise the party that is favoured to win by shadow endorsing the candidature of an independent who has a better chance of winning a seat.
    Interesting to note that Independents only seem to be viable chances in ultra safe coalition seats, either in affluent areas of the city or in relative affluent areas of the country.
    The next state and federal elections could be Revenge of the Toffs- where doctor’s wives and part-time law professors rule the roost.
    Strathfield becomes an even more interesting race, when you have essentially a reversal of the norms, with a middle-class working mum who lives in a modest suburb of Sydney representing the Liberal party vs a GPS educated, international lawyer Labor candidate whose aspirations for federal politics had been thwarted and now has to settle for state politics residing on the North Shore.

    Re: your point on OPV- if Labor withdraws, the Libs lose most of their ammunition- it is very hard to run against solely an independent, who can snipe and critique a government, without having the comparative argument of Government vs Opposition.
    You’re also relying heavily on Labor voters then preferencing an independent (after Labor “1”), which becomes even more problematic when their could be a field of multiple independents. Just as a significant portion of Liberal voters only put “1”, a significant number of Labor voters also do the same.
    This was Graham Richardson’s rationale when he was General-Secretary of the Labor Party, and advised Wran to do introduce into Parliament in 1980. This was done to safeguard against growing minor parties like the Democrats and also Independents. Labor knew (and probably Liberal do too), it is always better to keep it a 2 horse race.
    When you can’t control this, you stymie the field for the opposition and best way to do that is withdraw.
    Take a look at Strathfield Council, Liberals did not run a candidate but Labor did not benefit from the withdrawal

  13. Writs have been issued for all 4 by-elections for the 21st January.
    By-elections to be scheduled on 12th February.
    Looks like Melanie Gibbons couldn’t get her act together for Hughes in time.

    Early prediction: Coalition retains Bega, Monaro and Willoughby.
    Strathfield is a toss-up.
    I’ve been telemarketed twice in the span of 1.5 months which is unusual for a by-election, and even more so when the opposition holds the seat.
    The questioning was negatively skewered about the Liberal party.
    But I was asked about the favourability of Chris Minns, Dominic Perrottet, Bridget Sakr, Jason Yat-Sen Li, Jodi McKay, Gladys Berejiklian, Fiona Martin and Brad Hazzard.
    Have no idea why they asked about Hazzard other than his ever presence on TV (but he is retiring at the next election so no real impact).
    Based on this line of questioning and the fact that this has now been commissioned twice, I think Labor is worried about this seat and more specifically their candidate.

  14. Jason Yatsen Li will do a fantastic job if he gets elected. He is a smart, compassionate & family orientated as well as being a great listener which is a rare trait in politics. Irrespective of his party affiliations, Jason will ensure all the people in his electorate will be served to the best of his abilities.

  15. Former SMH journalist and former ALP member (who got sacked for declaring her registration to the party) has now declared she is running as an independent in the Strathfield By-Election

    Impact: Zero. But an interesting addition to the mix.
    Everyone thinks they can run and win as an independent based on the success of OLC at a Local Government level. State is easily the hardest to get elected as one. And the likes of Tsirekas and Carbone, who had the Labor vintage already had an in-built platform when they left the party and made it easier to get re-elected. At a Fed level, Steggall was running against an extremely divisive member, and had a significant profile herself nationally and in the area.
    I don’t know how a toff journalist who wrote mainly about architectural issues will resonate with a large electorate who rent and are worried about extra trains and improved hospitals.
    Interestingly, Jodi McKay had wanted Farrelly as her successor but Chris Minns quickly shot down this proposal.

    Libs are quietly confident about causing an upset here but less optimistic about retaining Bega.

  16. @LJ Davidson, you beat me to the punch!

    I was just reviewing the NSWEC website for those candidates currently registered, and saw her name pop-up! Thanks for the background information.

    And for the SMH article about her departure:

    My 2 cents worth, still consider this an ALP retain.

  17. LJ Davidson
    Firstly let me acknowledge that i absolutely despise Elizabeth Farrelly.
    The worst kind of self righteous bumptious ridiculously hypocritical jourmno ever to have drawn breath. A truly horrible specimen !. You are quite incorrect about her writing, as she is insanely political. She simply can’t help herself in being an hysterical preaching, lecturing wretch.

    You are however absolutely correct in the fact that she IS a total ZERO !

    ALSO you are absolutely on the money identifying the contrast on judgement between Minns, & McKay. Minns gets it right because he is logical rational, & clear. McKay failed because she was always acting out, & trying to prove something, like what a tough guy she is.

    Libs have avery very very small chance because like Boothby, & Moreton federally this is a “Gunna” seat.

  18. LJ Davidson
    This made me laugh from her twitter post “I will be listening to you! ” What bullshit !. The woman has never really listened to anyone, because she has been too busy telling everyone :whats right, that she is right, & how much better she is because she always does the right thing. !

    Amusingly the new head of Nine NSMN Tom something, must have had his own PERSONAL “experience” of this loathsome woman. Because he was in London & din’t even wait to get home to FIRE her !!. He specially phoned her to tell her she had broken her contract & was GONE. What an effort !. He must have been pretty motivated to make it his first order of business don’t you think ? It sure takes a special “talent” to make that kind of an impression ? Farrelly is emblematically offensive. Certainly NOT anything special, or different.
    cheers wd

  19. @ WD, Labor is in panic mode for some reason. Thinking that Farrelly is going to take votes from Jason Yat-Sen Li.
    Former candidate for Reid Sam Crosby has already become quite stroppy about the announcement

    I think if anything Farrelly would splinter the Lib vote, if she can pull any significant block of votes at all away, which I doubt.

    The reason why Libs are confident is the candidates head-to-head.
    Sakr will already take a large swathe of the Maronite vote, and that has provided a reliable base for Labor (via Burwood Mayor John Faker) in the past.
    Because Labor doubled-down on perceivably very similar candidates for both Reid and Strathfield, the perception amongst other minority groups in the area is that they are being left behind and not the focus for the potential new member.
    For all Jodi’s faults she was a lot more accessible, I don’t get that from Jason. Labor has an interesting situation where both the state and federal candidate in the area want the other’s spot. In Sitou’s case more so because Strathfield is more winnable than Reid.

    Also Bevan Shields was the editor in question. He sacked only a month after taking the job for failing to declare her candidacy. I don’t know how she will go for support, if she couldn’t even get on the ticket for a small council election.

  20. The overdevelopment in the south Strathfield and Belfield area with liberal “developer” councillors will cost the Libs votes. Farrelly won’t take votes from Labor. Her play is to also cost the Libs votes and her “listening” tag is part snd parcel of the Labor playbook. Yet- San Li may be have been parachuted in to a seat but he is playing up to the reputation of concerned new member with labor focussing on his win with a bigger margin with the huge Chinese community in Strathfield.His main goal is bigger than the seat of Strathfield. Labor have got this won because the conservative Maronite vote doesn’t have much sway in other parts of the Strathfield for Sakr.

  21. LJ Davidson

    The Willoughby electorate is being polled tonight with the same questions as you related above (20th Jan) about Strathfield. Is Labor worried about their candidate here too…???

  22. @High Street the Willoughby electorate is being polled about Jodi McKay, Jason Yat-Sen Li and Bridget Sakr that’s curious.
    Interesting Labor predictably did withdraw from that race to get more mileage from resource diversion in other seats. If Minns was confident they would’ve run in all 4 seats. I’ve never known Labor not to run in a by-election, regardless of the odds.

    @CantWard interesting you should mention overdevelopment in the Strathfield electorate, when the main perpetrator has been Labor Mayor John Faker in the Burwood side of the seat, which dwarfs that of anything on the eastern side.
    Libs took a lot of steam out of the Belfield/Strathfield argument by not running candidates at the last council election.
    Still JYL’s to lose, not disputing that. But interestingly the former member has not formally endorsed his candidacy and Chris Minns has spent most of his time campaigning in Bega and Monaro. Labor volunteers are also quite fatigued in the area, as between 2 council elections (Burwood and Strathfield), sporadic mobile offices for Sally Sitou in Reid, they are now having to campaign for a by-election. All during a pandemic.
    Sakr’s campaign presence was pretty high especially along the Boulevard/Coronation Parade on the weekend, and then in pockets of Belfield/South Strathfield.
    I still worry for Labor the emphasis on one group over others (as evidenced by pre-selecting 2 candidates from the same demo) will not be fruitful long-term but time will tell.
    We’ll see what happens- if Minns can’t win any of these by-elections, he’s done

  23. YouTuber and Anti-Vax/Lockdown campaigner “The Aussie Cossack” Simeon Boikov is also going to be a candidate for the Strathfield By-Election. He appears to have garnered the support of the LDP, UAP and One Australia to endorse his independent candidacy.

    There was a big rally for him on the weekend at Burwood Park, and it will be interesting to see his impact on the by-election. Most likely more than Farrelly, and an even crowded field means the majors will need to campaign more strategically. Especially leaning into their individual bases more and demographic advantages.
    Not sure if the Greens have put anyone forward yet. Although traditionally they do quite poorly in this area.

  24. The Greens did reach 13.2% back in 2011, which is respectable, but over the last two elections I suspect Jodi McKay had eaten into their vote which dipped to around 9%, so it will be interesting to see if they will return.

  25. @LJ Davidson, thanks for that update!

    So it seems so far it is: Labor, Liberal, Independent (Farrelly), Independent (Boikov) as the candidates so far with Sustainable also having an intention to run (but no confirmed candidate announcement). If Greens do run then that’s potentially 6 candidates for this by-election. [EDIT: maybe even AJP?] Strathfield is definitely the one showing most interest out of these by-elections. I didn’t think Labor would be in that much trouble here… but I can see why they’re concerned. With restrictions now extended beyond the by-election date, that might have an impact on the Liberal vote. Boikov seems like he’ll take some from Labor but more from Liberal (the right wing causes, anti-lockdown etc). Actually think end of the day, OPV will keep Labor safe here. 2 Days left with nominations, without knowing full field, but I’ll put this as a close Labor Retain.

  26. Yeah, I’m skeptical that the Libs will make this close. We’re only just cresting the Omicron wave right now and Perrotet has some image problems. If the by-election was held in a month’s time, things might have been different. That said, the Libs have picked a good candidate while Labor seems to have shot themselves in the foot – could be interesting.

  27. Labor is probably worried that the large number of independents might drain votes from them and exhaust, allowing the Liberals to win similar to the Upper Hunter by election. However, I do feel the independents (especially Boikov) will more likely drain votes from the Liberals than Labor. Boikov’s supporters would be unlikely to vote for someone like Jason in the first place especially given Boikov’s own history with far right groups. On a side note, would Boikov’s pro-Putin agenda translate into support from the Russian community in the seat or would it just turn them off from voting for him?

  28. @LJ Davidson.

    I meant it was a similarly worded question in Willoughby as in Strathfield, with the favourability of state leaders and likely local candidates being tested. No one is polling about Jodi McKay, Jason Yat-Sen Li and Bridget Sakr in Willoughby – that would be idiotic.

    You state: “I’ve never known Labor not to run in a by-election, regardless of the odds”. Not sure you’ve been watching closely. They haven’t run in a north shore of Sydney by-election in quite a long time.

  29. 6 Candidates for Strathfield now confirmed with the surprise that Simeon Boikov is not on the ballot! Don’t know what happened there, but that’s almost worthy of a Mal award.

    Order being SUS (Robertson), ALP (Li), IND (Farrelly), AJP (Laxmanalal), GRN (Buckley) and LIB (Sakr). Laxmanalal contest Granville for the AJP in the 2019 Election. Most of the candidates live in/around the seat with Robertson listed as Holsworthy (and Li as Allawah). Expect this to be close but ALP to retain.

  30. @ Politics_Obsessed thanks for the update on the candidates, It appears as if Bridget Sakr is the only candidate who actually knows anything about the area and has cared enough to live in the area long term. Why would anyone want to represent an area if they’ve never considered the area good enough for them to live in and call home in the first place? It seems the idea of parachuting candidates coming in from out of the area to a seat they know zero about is the new norm. This continuing habit is a really bad look Particularly for the Labor Party in a seat they want to retain.

  31. Maybe because Jason Yat Sen Li is a very high quality candidate who has a lot to offer compared to Bridget Sakr.

  32. @ WestSydPol. Labor may think Jason yay sen Li Might be good on paper and he is there only to bolster their/his personal aspirations only to springboard into something better. The Truest Fact remains is that he has absolutely zero knowledge about the seat or any of the issues which affect the residents. I encourage that People, only need talk to him, to discover this themselves. Labor has this entitled smug mistaken belief and think no-one who lives in the seat of Strathfield are good enough for them to represent the area. Pretty much a slap in the face to us locals

  33. Optional preferential means it is much harder to win from behind. In a given seat
    Who ever polls the most first preferences usually wins. ALSO it is hard to persuade voters to extend their preferences when they don’t have to.The libs and nats do not stand against each other in nsw at a state level.

  34. @CantWard sure, their is no denying that he doesn’t live in the electorate. But I think Jason was the perfect pick for the ALP in Strathfield. I live in the neighbouring electorate Canterbury and their really hasn’t been any campaign from Bridget Sakr. Sure there’s a few posters here and there but no actual campaign compared to Yat Sen Li.

  35. @WestSydPol. I agree that Labor has taken the fight right up to the Liberals. I think Labor have got this won. They’re more organised have more resources and their teams are really selling their message. Although, I am really Not impressed with Labor’s dirty tactics of destroying or Bending the Liberal Candidates corflutes that I’ve actually seen and they’re over coating with their own. There’s also claims that Bridget Sakr’s posters have been stolen and have gone missing from streets and peoples front yards. Yet Sen Li started promoting himself by saying he “looks forward to the contest and hopes it will be a honourable campaign” Really Doesn’t look like it from the Labor side.

  36. @CantWard I’ve never heard those rumours until know. If proven true Jason Yat Sen Li or Chris Minns apologise that volunteers have done that.

  37. @Ben the ‘Assessment’ section of this profile will need to be change with the last line deleted (as the Liberals are confirmed to be contesting) or at least amended. 🙂

  38. @BenRaue & WestSydPol. I have personally seen the overlapping corflutes and those which were bent in Enfield near Henley Park. Logic dictates they were obviously some kind of labor supporters but its something no one knows. Having access to corflutes points they must of been connected to the Labor party to get access to them, or very engaged labor locals.
    Claims for the missing corflutes are just that, and should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s really stupid and a big risk to step onto private property to actually take them. although it would be interesting if anyone can supply video footage

  39. Given that Boikov on his YouTube channel constantly says that Labor, Liberal and the Greens are all bad, I would imagine that many of his supporters won’t allocate preferences at all if they know it is optional preferential voting.

  40. OMG – disappearing conflutes. Next there will be reports of mustaches, thick eyebrows and devils horns being scribbled on candidates faces. Cancel democracy……

    In all seriousness it just becomes tit for tat and wastes campaign time replacing the stolen / defaced conflutes. The real unfortunate fact is that the individuals that pinch / deface conflutes get to vote….

  41. @Pollster That’s what has completely baffled me with the Corflute business. Labor, in my opinion has this by-election won, they’re running a very polished campaign and this is despite all the other candidates competing for our vote, it beggars belief they would attempt to ruin it with something so petty. It just doesn’t make sense. If I hadn’t seen it for myself I would never have believed it.

  42. @CantWard Jason Yat-Sen Li has come out and said Nobody from the Labor Party had anything to do with taking down the Liberal Party Posters.

  43. @CantWard Jason Yat-Sen Li has come out and said nobody from the Labor Party had anything to do with taking down The Liberal Party’s Posters.

  44. This kind of thing happens all the time which is why I was surprised it made the 6 O’Clock news in Sydney the other day.

  45. Luckily there won’t be a shortage of posters around the area.
    It’s been a boon for small businesses around Flemington and Homebush, who are apparently getting paid anywhere between $100-$200 from the Labor camp to put the posters up in their shop front. Not sure if the Libs are doing the same (wouldn’t surprise me though).
    I don’t know what I’d do without them or the bright red and blue t-shirts to assist me with my decision this Friday at pre-poll.

    @WestSydPol an interesting declaration by the Labor candidate But I guess you can’t spell Lie without Li.
    Also curious statement by him in today’s Tele saying that he and his family “will move soon” to Strathfield. Not sure if he will be moving or if he is talking about the awkward candidate for Banks.

    Good interview with Bridget Sakr on Ben Fordham’s show this morning- about the theft issue and her own personal story, which I’ve found somewhat more compelling in my decision. Living in the area also helps a candidate’s chances in many voters’ minds

    Rumour is if Sakr is unsuccessful (which given Labor’s panic in the area in recent days is a 50/50 proposition), she could be the heir apparent to the neighbouring, and safer seat of Drummoyne. Libs are uncertain on the prospects of Strathfield, which would be considered a bonus pick-up.

    Labor has had the Federal candidate for Banks, the state member for Prospect Hugh McDermott (whose complexion matched his shirt) and Upper House member Adam Searle all on the trail in the last few days. Which appears to be somewhat deja vu, given the high influx of volunteers for Reid at the last Fed election and over saturation of Labor corflutes seemed to have the opposite effect on voters.

    Also the Fin Review had some fascinating revelations about Jason Yat-Sen Li’s employment history:
    “For the past nine years he has been chairman of Vantage Asia Holdings. The company, which calls itself a diversified investment company, didn’t respond to a request for comment. It has a one-page website that lists a non-functioning phone number.”
    Absolutely nothing sus there

  46. @WestSydPol. I’m Amazed it made the news, hopefully they’ll catch the guys who were caught on camera and make it public along with which candidate they are affiliated with. I also noted that the overlapping corflutes have vanished but of “both” candidates. It’s Pretty silly to bend down Libs posters and stick up Labor instead – it’s just causing animosity.


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