New South Wales 2023

Welcome to the Tally Room’s guide to the 2023 New South Wales state election. This guide includes comprehensive coverage of each seat’s history, geography, political situation and results of the 2019 election, as well as maps and tables showing those results.

Table of contents:

  1. Legislative Assembly seat profiles
  2. Legislative Council profile
  3. Contact

Legislative Assembly seat profiles

Seat profiles have been produced for all 93 Legislative Assembly electoral districts.

You can use the following navigation to click through to each seat’s profile.

You can also use the following map to click on any lower house seat, and then click through to the relevant guide.

Legislative Council profile

The New South Wales Legislative Council is elected using a system of proportional representation, with all MLCs elected to represent the entire state. 21 MLCs are elected every four years for an eight year term, with half of the upper house up for election at each lower house election.

This guide includes a history of the elected Legislative Council, list of sitting MLCs, list of winnable candidates, 2019 results and assessment of the parties’ chances.

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