Redistribution – NSW 2015

New South Wales underwent a redistribution prior to the 2015 election – the first since the 2006 redistribution.

Download the Google Earth maps:

Liberal National Labor Greens Independents
Old boundaries 51 18 20 1 3
New boundaries 53 17 18 2 3

In overall seat numbers, the number of Labor seats dropped from 20 to 18, with the number of Nationals seats dropping from 18 to 17. The Liberal Party’s seats increased from 51 to 53, and the number of Greens seats increased from one to two. These numbers don’t take into account the three Liberal seats won by Labor at by-elections, or the one independent seat won by the Nationals at a by-election.

While the number of Labor seats were cut, it will be easier for Labor to win a larger number of seats. Before the redistribution, a uniform swing of 10% would have given Labor an additional 15 seats. Following the redistribution, that same uniform swing would give Labor an additional 19 seats.

Seats that have changed party

The Western Sydney seats of Macquarie Fields and Toongabbie (renamed Seven Hills) were redrawn into notional Liberal seats.

Seats created and abolished

The seat of Murrumbidgee was effectively abolished in south-western NSW and distributed into Cootamundra and Murray, while the seat of Summer Hill was created in the inner west of Sydney.

Seats renamed

Six seats were renamed in the redistribution.

Former seat name New seat name
Burrinjuck Cootamundra
Menai Holsworthy
Murray-Darling Murray
Marrickville Newtown
Toongabbie Seven Hills
Prospect Smithfield

It is arguable about whether Cootamundra is a successor to Burrinjuck, and whether Newtown is a successor to Marrickville. It could also be argued that Burrinjuck and Murrumbidgee were merged into Cootamundra and Marrickville was broken into Newtown and Summer Hill.