Brisbane City Council election, 2024

Welcome to the Tally Room’s guide to the 2024 Brisbane City Council election. This guide includes comprehensive coverage of each ward’s history, geography, political situation and results of the 2020 election, as well as maps and tables showing those results.

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Table of contents:

  1. Lord mayoral profile
  2. Ward profiles
  3. Note on mayoral results data
  4. Contact

Lord mayoral profile

Click here to read the profile of the Lord Mayor race, including the history of the position, the 2020 results, the candidates and the 2020 results by new ward.

Ward profiles

Ward profiles have been produced for all 26 Brisbane City Council wards. You can use the following navigation to click through to each seat’s profile.

You can also use the following map to click on any ward, and then click through to the relevant guide.

Note on mayoral results data

This guide includes data on the results of the mayoral election at a ward and booth level – booth maps on each individual ward profile, and ward-level results on each ward and on the main Lord Mayor profile.

Unfortunately mayoral results were counted in such a way that some votes have been attributed to a different ward than the ward where that voter lives.

When a voter casts a ballot outside their home ward, their vote would normally be credited to “Absent Votes” in their home ward, not to the polling place where they cast their ballot. This is how the ward councillor results have been recorded. But for the mayoral election, there are no absent votes recorded. Instead, there are more votes recorded at most ordinary booths than there were recorded for the ward councillor election.

It appears that, as a measure to reduce circulation in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, absent mayoral votes were simply counted in the ward where the vote was cast.

This means that ward-level totals don’t precisely match the ward-level results in the ward councillor election in total votes cast, and some voters have had their vote credited against the wrong ward.

Unfortunately it is not possible to correct for this issue, but I have decided to still publish the results as they are, including adjusting them to account for the redistribution.


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