Ginninderra – ACT 2016

Incumbent MPs contesting Ginninderra

  • Yvette Berry (Labor)
  • Chris Bourke (Labor)
  • Vicki Dunne (Liberal)

Ginninderra covers the majority of the Belconnen district in north-western Canberra, including the suburbs of Aranda, Macquarie, Bruce, Page, Scullin, Florey, Latham, Higgins, Macgregor, Charnwood, Melba, Spence, Fraser and Dunlop.

Ginninderra previously covered a larger area, including the entirety of Belconnen and parts of Gungahlin. Ginninderra lost the Belconnen suburbs of Evatt, McKellar, Lawson, Kaleen and Giralang, the Gungahlin suburbs of Crace, Palmerston and Nicholls and the town of Hall to the new seat of Yerrabi.

The electorate of Ginninderra was created in 1995, when the ACT electoral system was changed to introduce multi-member districts for the first time.The seat covered almost exactly the same area from 1995 until 2012, having undergone two minor redistributions prior to the 2001 and 2012 elections.

Ginninderra has always elected five MLAs. Labor has always won two seats, and the Liberal Party has also won two. The fifth seat has alternated between Labor and a succession of crossbenchers.

In 1995, the fifth seat was won by Greens candidate Lucy Horodny. In 1998, she lost that seat to independent Dave Rugendyke, running on a social conservative platform with former rugby league player Paul Osborne.

In 2001, the seat instead went Roslyn Dundas of the Democrats.

In 2004, the seat went to Labor’s Mary Porter, giving Labor three out of the five seats, which helped give them majority government for the only time in ACT history.

In 2008, the third Labor seat was lost to the Greens’ Meredith Hunter, one of four Greens elected across the territory. In 2012, Hunter lost her seat to Labor’s Yvette Berry.


  • A – Sustainable Australia
    • Geoff Buckmaster
    • Martin Tye
  • B – Labor
    • Chris Bourke*
    • Yvette Berry*
    • Tara Cheyne
    • Kim Fischer
    • Gordon Ramsay
  • C – Greens
    • Jason Chappel
    • Indra Esguerra
    • Richie Merzian
  • D – Liberal
    • Vicki Dunne*
    • Denise Fisher
    • Elizabeth Kikkert
    • Ignatius Rozario
    • Paul Sweeney
  • E – Like Canberra
    • Richard Harriss
    • Sam Huggins
  • F – Canberra Community Voters
    • Beth Gooch
    • Mick Kaye
    • Geoff Kettle
    • Gilbert Reilly
    • Alan Tutt
  • G – Liberal Democrats
    • Naomi Gowor
    • Guy Jakeman
  • Ungrouped
    • Bernie Brennan (Animal Justice)
    • Ian Coombes
    • Vijay Dubey
    • David Edwards
    • Emmanuel Ezekiel-Hart
    • Kim Juynh
    • Vanessa Jones
    • Leigh Watson
    • Lea Zangl

Labor has two safe seats, and the Liberal Party has one safe seat. The Liberal Party has been slightly weakened by the redistribution, with Labor and the Greens slightly strengthened.

In 2012, Labor demonstrated the ability to win three seats off 2.4 quotas thanks to an efficient distribution of votes between their three most popular candidates.

The Greens will need to see an increase in their vote to win a seat. The most likely chance for the Greens to win a seat is by defeating the third Labor candidate, but it’s also possible that a drop in the Liberal vote could see Labor win three seats and the Greens win one.

2012 result

2012 electionRedistribution
Labor 26,35439.92.393-0.340.52.432
Liberal 22,27533.72.023+5.932.51.950
Greens 6,67610.10.606-3.810.50.628
Motorist Party4,7947.30.435+
Bullet Train for Canberra2,3583.60.214+
Liberal Democratic Party1,2131.80.110+
Marion Le Social Justice9401.40.085 +

Booth breakdown

Polling places in the new seat of Kurrajong have been split into three parts: central, north and east.

Labor topped the poll in all three areas, ranging from 41% in the north to 43.2% in the centre. The Liberal vote ranged from 27.3% in the east to 33.3% in the north.

The Greens vote ranged from 7.5% in the north to 16% in the east.

Voter groupALP %LIB %GRN %Total votes% of votes
Other votes36.834.811.54,69310.4

Election results in Ginninderra at the 2012 ACT election
Click on the ‘visible layers’ box to toggle between primary votes for Labor, the Liberal Party and the Greens.



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