Yet another outage


So yet again I underestimated traffic, which resulted in the blog again going down overnight. I’ve had to upgrade to a higher hosting plan. I thought I’d open up the option that, if anyone thinks it’s worth donating, I’d appreciate any donations to help offset the cost of upgrading my hosting plan. There’s a “donate” button now on the right-hand side.

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  1. I suppose it only really means that your readers love you too much, :P. We are crashing your server with love, etc.

  2. Thanks guys. This has covered about 2/3s of the latest cost, which isn’t that much.

    But if people are willing to put a few dollars in here or there I will look at upgrading from 3GB/month to 10GB/month.

    For a sense of perspective, the first outage happened when I cracked 1GB and the second when I cracked 2GB, so 3GB is a little too-close-for-comfort.

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