Borg Water!


I spent the day in Kelvin Grove handing out for Greens candidates Larissa Waters (Mt Coot-tha) and Anne Boccabella (Brisbane Central).

I’ll tell some more stories tomorrow when I have more time, but I wanted to share one experience: the LNP’s very own brand of bottled water! The water was being consumed by LNP booth workers and I managed to recover two of them for my archives.

iphone-march-09-035iphone-march-09-051The text next to the Borg’s face says:



Isn’t that fantastic.

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  1. Just thought I’d follow the trend of posting a comment on an old post, and thus boosting your number of hits for the month. Just picked this one out at random…

    There’s a unique election souvenir. Obviously something the Greens won’t be emulating.

    A friend of mine still has a bottle of the beer a NSW Democrats candidate was giving away during his campaign, wonder if that inspired the LNP’s bottled water idea?

  2. No, the guy giving away the beer was a young Democrat candidate. I’m not sure he was having much luck giving it away though, as my friend was actually given a whole case of it, which he still has under his house (he’s apparently got a great collection of stuff from past election campaigns). We’d asked him to sign in a scrutinner for us re the community campaign we were running (Greens did elsewhere but refused in that seat), and he agreed in exchange for getting us to put up one of his posters for him at the booth in question, and when my friend went to meet him on the day before polling day he gave him a whole case of the beer as well.

    There’s an article about it here:

    He’s actually now a councillor, winning a seat that was uncontested when only 3 candidates were left to fill the 3 vacancies in the ward after the other candidate won the mayoral election. Indeed on the morning when noms closed there were still insufficient noms to fill all seats, and it was basically a case of whoever got to the RO’s office with a properly completed nomination form before midday would get a free political career, which he did.

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