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8:57pmI’m signing off now. I just posted my electoral maps.

8:36pm – Lawrence Springborg will resign as LNP leader.

8:20pm – By popular demand, here is minor party news: Pauline Hanson is on 21.7% in Beaudesert. The DS4SEQ won 0.95%, which comes out to about 3% average in the seats they contested. The Greens polled 8.3%, up from 8% in 2006. In the four key Greens seats, Gary Kane suffered a 4% swing against him, polling 17.4%, Anne Boccabella polled 17%, down from 18% in 2006 for Larissa Waters and 33% for Boccabella at the 2007 by-election. In Indooroopilly Ronan Lee has polled 26.1%, just behind Sarah Warner. This is down from 40% as the ALP candidate in 2006, and not very impressive considering how much Greens resources was poured into the seat. The big winner for the Greens is Larissa Waters, who gained 1.9% in Mount Coot-tha, polling 23.8%, just 2.3% behind Ronan Lee despite Lee’s resources and incumbency.

8:11pm – Why is Anna Bligh speaking before Springborg concedes? Wtf?

8:08pm – George Brandis accused Wayne Swan of pulling out as ABC panelist because he was worried that they would lose, before turning up later. Swan denies it and Kerry O’Brien “corrects the record” in Swan’s favour.

8:05pm – I’m getting somewhere in completing an interim electoral map, which I’ll try to post before I leave for the tally room or the party.

7:58pm – Antony mentioned Twitter on the air. Gotta be a first.

7:35pm – The Borg has failed to assimilate Queensland. What a shame.

7:31pm – This is looking pretty damn pathetic for the LNP. Seats like Whitsunday, Mirani and Barron River should have been pushovers, but they are holding up.

7:10pm – Antony Green – “It looks like Labor is back, and it may not even be close”. Andrew Fisher says it’s too early.

7:08pm – The ABC overall has the ALP on 52% two-party-preferred statewide.

7:04pm – The swing to the LNP is far below what they need to win overall. Then again, Brisbane is where you expect a big hit, and Aspley and Pumicestone are both “Greater Brisbane” seats.

7:01pmABC computer is predicting LNP gains in Aspley and Pumicestone.

6:48pm – Our scrutineer in Indooroopilly suggests that many ALP voters are preferencing LNP before Ronan Lee. Meanwhile Pauline Hanson is on 25% in Beaudesert, and Antony is making good sounds for the LNP candidate in Condamine (against former LNP MP Stuart Copeland).

6:28pmSmall sample from Indooroopilly: LNP 80 votes, ALP 50 votes, Ronan Lee 50 votes, with little preference flows between Lee and Warner.

6:24pm – With practically no votes cast, ABC elections has the ALP suffering a 13% swing.

6pm – I’m going to be liveblogging tonight in a variety of ways. I’ll be joining in with Pineapple Party Time’s liveblog, along with Possum, William Bowe, Mark Bahnsich of Larvatus Prodeo, Bernard Keane and Graham Young of Online Opinion. I’ll also be posting updates to this post, as well as on my twitter feed.

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  1. I saw Ronan Lee on TV, he looked like an ever optimistic candidate with a good personality and regardless of his political colour I felt support for him. This is highly contrasted to the Liberal Senator Brandis on ABC. Sad to see some Labor voters feel so much spite for him because in all honesty, he would probably support a Labor minority government over a LNP one.

  2. Larissa Waters did well because she is a nice person with good politics and good people skills. Ronan didn’t because he isn’t and doesn’t. At least now I hope that the Greens can get on with it and put Ronan behind them.

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