Jeanette Fitzsimons stepping down


Via the NZ Greens’ Frogblog, the NZ Greens female co-leader, Jeanette Fitzsimons, has announced this week that she will be stepping down as co-leader at the June national conference. She reveals in her video that already two of her colleagues, Metiria Turei and Sue Bradford, will nominate. As I understand, there is a ballot of local branch delegates, after local branches discuss the candidates and give instructions to their delegates. I’m not sure of the more detailed mechanics, but it will be fascinating to watch this year.

And in what is an interesting line for Australian Greens members to consider, Fitzsimons says:

In other parties, they have a coup in caucus when somebody gets the numbers, and they walk out of caucus and say ‘we’ve got a new leader’, and the members of the party say ‘oh really?’ Well, we don’t do it like that.


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