Midterms open thread


It’s now just after 5pm in Washington DC and I will be occupied tonight attending election night events and won’t be immediately liveblogging.

If you want to comment on the election, please use this thread.

I will work on some post-election coverage tomorrow.

7:32pm – Republicans have picked up the open Democratic Senate seat in Indiana, which isn’t a surprise to anyone.

9:29pm – The Republicans are projected to take control of the House, but in the Senate the Democrats are leading in Pennsylvania and have held on in West Virginia.

9:38pm – The Democrat is also leading substantially in Illinois’ Senate race, despite previous expectations. Nate Silver, however, is suspicious of tear figures, as most votes have come from Chicago.

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  1. Some exit poll numbers from CNN:
    Favourable Ratings
    Republicans: Favourable 41% Unfavourable 53% Net: -12%
    Democrats: Favourable 43% Unfavourable 53% Net: -10%

    GOP lead of 8% (compared to Dem lead of 11% in 2004), swing: 9.5% to GOP

    The US economy is in this mess because of…
    Wall Street 35%
    President Bush 29%
    President Obama 24%

    Is the US heading in the right direction?
    2010: YES 35% NO 62%
    2008: YES 21% NO 74%
    2006: YES 41% NO 55%

  2. I notice there are several states with ballot initiatives to create a constitutional right to hunt and fish, and to prohibit mandated health insurance. Oklahoma has a particularly strange set of initiatives, including old conservative favourites like making English the official state language (approved), and voter ID requirements (also approved), plus one to forbid the use of international law or sharia law in state courts (approved as well)!

  3. Illinois has been pretty bad for the Democrats. In the Senate race the Republican is winning everywhere except Cook County (Chicago), and one small county in the far south of the state.

  4. So far, Republicans win ND, AR, IN (no suprises there), WI, PA, IL.

    Lost badly in DE as expected, lost WV, apparently NV has been called for the Dems too.

    CO and WA still close.

    CA got called Dem before a single vote was counted but is all tied up at present (I guess big city booths need to come in?)

  5. Looks like Prop 20, for the independent redistricting commission to have jurisdiction over federal as well as state districts, has got up in California.

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