Anna Bligh calling March 21 election


Sky News is now reporting that Anna Bligh will go to Government House in Brisbane today to call an early election, presumably on March 28. More to come.

Update: So I was wrong, it was March 21. Unfortunately the news broke about five minutes after I left the computer and just got home. It’s a sign of how popular this story will be, that a one-line, inaccurate piece of election news is the most popular blog post of 2009. I plan to focus my coverage on my maps, and using maps to cover stories as they come along, although I’m hoping to be in Brisbane for the last few days of the campaign.

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  1. Just a thought: if I were an inner city wealthy voter, who do I vote for? Previously I would vote for the Liberals as that is the natural party of my demographic. Now that the Liberals are part of the National Party dominated LNP, are my allegiances still as strong as I am not someone who wishes to vote for rural interests.

  2. That’s the key of the LNP’s problem. I always figured the only way for the Liberals to get back into government would be to break the coalition, fight one election on their own and only resurrect the coalition once they had overtaken the Nationals on seat numbers, which would clarify the power-balance should they win power, and make them less scary to city-folk.

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