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I have been spending the last few weeks adding a bunch of extra data to the Tally Room data repository, This repository contains tidy data for state and local elections that I have found useful for my data analysis. Often this data is published in a less tidy format, and some bits of information can actually be hard to find online (such as lists of polling place addresses along with geocoding, which is necessary for mapping). I’ve also included results of federal by-elections and pre-2023 referendums.

The repository is now quite large. I have published a portion of the repository for anyone to use, and the remainder is available for those who are donating $5 or more per month via Patreon.

You can find all the data here.

I have now added the results of all the elections in March 2024:

  • Tasmania 2024
  • Brisbane City 2024
  • Inala and Ipswich West by-elections
  • Dunstan by-election
  • Dunkley by-election

I’ve also added some other recent elections. The three Victorian by-elections held in 2023, as well as the South Australian council elections of 2022.

I’ve also added the results of the 2006 Tasmanian state election.

Finally I’ve added a new election – I’ve added results of the 2016 and 2020 Victorian council elections.

In the case of Brisbane City, I’ve now got election results for seven general elections from 2000 to 2024, and for most jurisdictions I now have results dating back to around 2006, with a few more on the to do list.

The free part of the repository generally covers the most recent election in each jurisdiction, as well as most by-election data.

Now that I have completed the dataset, I’ll be doing a few blog posts over the next two weeks analysing the final results of the Brisbane and Tasmanian elections.

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