Dunkley by-election upcoming


Sadly yesterday we heard that federal Labor MP Peta Murphy had died of cancer after a long illness.

This is a website that covers elections, and Murphy’s death means a federal by-election will be coming up in her seat of Dunkley. I would expect this by-election to be held early in 2024.

I have prepared a guide for that by-election, which you can read here.

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  1. given that the house rises on thursday and only sits thursday unless they set the date on thursday i imagine it wont be held til at least late march

  2. John, I thought the announcement of dates for the by-election can be made anytime unless the Speaker is actually required to be in Parliament to perform all the procedures for setting the by-election like issuing of writs.

  3. @yohan yes they are required to issue the writs
    In issuing a writ for a by-election Speakers normally follow the procedure set out below:

    the vacancy and cause of vacancy is notified to the House at the earliest opportunity;
    convenient dates are selected and the Electoral Commission is consulted as to their suitability for electoral arrangements;
    proposed dates are forwarded to party leaders for comment;
    dates determined by the Speaker are notified by a press release;
    a writ addressed to the Electoral Commissioner is prepared, signed by the Speaker and embossed with the House of Representatives seal;
    the House is advised;
    the writ is delivered to the Electoral Commissioner;
    the Australian Communications and Media Authority is advised; and
    notification of the by-election is published in the Gazette.[96]

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