Massive new update to data repository


Some of you may not be aware that this website contains a data repository with election results data from all over Australia. The repository contains tidy data with clear IDs that link the different tables together and make it easy to analyse a whole state’s election results in one go. I started the repository when I found myself having to do a lot of work to compile state election results in a usable format.

Data in the repository is complete (except where noted) and allows for analysis across an entire jurisdiction. Often the official data is published in the form of a table for each electorate, with candidates across the top and booths down the side.

The repository does not feature data for federal general elections, since the AEC is pretty good on this front, although it does include recent by-elections, since the AEC is less consistent in publishing booth location data for by-elections.

I have now completed a big update, and added numerous new datasets to the repository. They’re listed below the fold, but they include the most recent state elections in three Australian states, two federal by-elections, state by-elections in three states, the last two years of Tasmanian upper house results, and the most recent local government election results for New South Wales and Brisbane City Council. I’ve also added in upper house and booth location data for Western Australian state elections from 2001-2008, and for the first time I’ve added in New Zealand election data.

This means that I now have published every general election result since 2011 for Australian state and territory elections as well as New Zealand elections. For some jurisdictions I’ve gone back even further: back to 2008 for New Zealand, 2004 for Queensland, 2001 for Western Australia and 2000 for Brisbane City.

I have plans to add the 2010 state elections in Victoria and South Australia, which will extend the repository’s coverage back to the start of 2008.

A selection of this dataset is free for anyone to use. This includes the most recent election for each jurisdiction as well as most of the by-election data. The rest are available for those who sign up on Patreon for $5 or more per month.

There are a number of people who have helped me access some of the datasets – they are listed on the repository page.

Finally, here is the complete list of all the recent additions.

  • Western Australia, 2021
  • South Australia, 2022
  • Tasmania, 2021
  • Tasmanian Legislative Council, 2021-22
  • NSW local government, 2021
  • Federal by-elections in Eden-Monaro and Groom, 2020
  • State by-elections in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia, 2021-2022
  • Brisbane City Council, 2020
  • New Zealand, 2008-2020
  • Western Australian Legislative Council results and polling place information, 2001-2008
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  1. Hello Ben

    Sounds good

    I haven’t looked at Adam Carr’s Psephos world-wide election database for a few years, but how do you see yours in relation to his?

    Geoff Lambert


  2. Well firstly my datasets go down to the polling place level, whereas Adam usually just publishes contest-level results. But also Adam doesn’t publish datasets, they’re text files designed for a human to view. You can’t summarise, sort, filter, anything you can do with a computer with a data table.

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