Council party trends, updated


This is a quick post updating this post from shortly after the council elections with the final results after the conclusion of the count.

I won’t do much more analysis on the trends, but it’s worth noting the final totals. Across Greater Sydney, the Labor vote ended up at 32.87%, up from 31.76% on the early figures. The Liberal vote dropped from 24.89% to 24.32%. The Greens dropped from 9.71% to 9.13%. The vote for others was mostly steady.

Here is the chart showing the vote for each party in Greater Sydney over the last five election cycles:

And this is the map showing the percentage of the vote and swing in each Greater Sydney council:

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  1. Is it a bit difficult to call statewide swings at LG compared to state or federal, as parties often strategically decide whether to run in LG (unlike the other 2 tiers), with parties running candidates as “independents” or strategically focusing resources in particular races.
    Take the swing “down” for the Greens, who increased their number of councillors from 57 to 65.

  2. There wasn’t a swing against the Greens, they went up from 8% to 9.1%. They just didn’t get as much of the vote as it looked in the early results.

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