Daly by-election guide, and new data


I have now published a guide to the by-election in the Northern Territory seat of Daly, which will be held on the 11th of September. Daly is a very marginal Country Liberal seat and may well be in play. There aren’t really enough election-day booths in rural NT electorates to do my typical booth maps, so I’ve tried a different format which also includes pre-poll booths.

I’ve also made three additions to my data repository in the process of making my election guides. I’ve now added the dataset for the 2020 Northern Territory election, as well as a dataset covering the two South Australian state by-elections held in 2019. This means the repository now covers the most recent state by-elections in all five mainland states. The New South Wales and Victorian by-election datasets only cover the last few years, but the Queensland and WA datasets stretch back to the mid-90s.

I’ve also added in two-party-preferred votes at the booth level to my 2018 South Australian dataset. Thanks to Ethan from Armarium Interrata for tracking down the data and pulling it out of the PDF.

The data repository is split in two – some of the datasets, including the most recent election for each jurisdiction, are free for everyone to access. You can grab the full repository if you sign up as a $5 Patreon donor.

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