Podcast #47: Queensland election, the next day


Ben is joined by 4ZZZ’s Alexis Pink for a quick podcast to talk about last night’s Queensland election results.

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  1. Why did the LNP hold onto all their Gold Coast seats? Lockdown? Border closure? And why is the LNP holding Bundaberg despite the LNP being unpopular and all the other surprise ALP victories north of Noosa? Any ideas?

  2. My view is ALP and Palaszczuk were seen to have handled the COVID 19 crisis with competence and sensibly. The Gold Coast is a relatively old population and that impacts on voting. In Bundaberg the Paradise Dam fiasco although impacting on some severely was seen as being beneficial to larger number of residents in low lying areas who probably had a tendency to vote Labor anyway. Clearly the farmers were very hostile to decision but Bundaberg whilst being dependent on farmers is probably grateful that their house will not be flooded or even washed away by a dam collapse.It can hardly be seen as good government to build a sub standard dam but Palaszczuk is getting credit for fixing problem . I have not seen figures for Burnett where I think the dam will be a negative.

  3. Highlighting the extreme nature of the Greens works outside Brisbane.

    Kids think they can safely back talk and smart mouth to adults today. A few sharp smacks on the rear and being put to bed when it’s still light outside would sort them out.

  4. Daniel .. The main reason for the swings from the Gold Coast to Bundaberg was obviously the border stance and its popularity with older voters. I suspect that the reason Labor won Hervey Bay and Suncoast seats and not the Gold Coast ones was an extra factor – tourism/businesses thrived in areas to the north of Brisbane within a few hours drive, eg. Hervey Bay’s whale watch season was apparently one of the best ever.

    Another factor on the Suncoast may have been the State Govt’s response to the bushfire threats earlier in the year.

    Also worth noting that the three seats which fell all had retiring members.

  5. How does the QEC calculate how many votes are still to count? Is it purely registered voters / what’s left to count?

  6. They declared the first few seats (e.g. Inala) once the number of ballots possibly still out there was less than the first-preferences margin. Seem to have gotten bolder (and running ahead of the published counts) for more recent seats like Cooper.

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