Podcast #45: ACT and NZ election results


Ben was joined by Jill Sheppard from the ANU to talk about the ACT election results, and to briefly touch on the New Zealand results.

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  1. Labour’s win in New Zealand was a massive thumping. In Australian terms, it was the equivalent of one of the major parties winning the 2PP 60/40.

    One of the shocks of the night was Labour winning the seat of Ilam, an electorate that’s home to Christchurch’s wealthiest suburbs. I would say it was the equivalent of the ALP winning North Sydney.

  2. It’s worth noting the Liberals didn’t only lose the ACT election because they’re too socially conservative (although that is an issue) but also because they were running on a vague platform that promised *both* lower taxes and better services with very little details on how they’d actually do that.

    Also I gotta say that I disagree with the suggestion that social and environmental issues are unimportant secondary issues. There are no jobs on a dead planet.

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