NZ election day with bonus 2017 booth map


Polls have just opened in New Zealand.

I did not do a comprehensive guide to the New Zealand election but I have managed to pull together a bit of data at the last minute. This post contains a map of every election day booth used in 2017. All electorates using the same booth have been merged together (including Māori electorates) and I am just using the party vote, to give a sense of general trends across the country.

You can toggle the map to show which party topped the vote (there were three booths where National and Labour were tied, and one where the Green Party won), and to see the distribution of vote for National, Labour, NZ First and Green.

You can also use this as an open thread to discuss this election today. I will be back from 5pm AEDT (7pm in New Zealand) with results from both New Zealand and the ACT.

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  1. I am keeping eye on Ohariu electorate as that is unpredictable one. It used to be a stronghold of United party which the sole mp retired last election. Labour won that with narrow margin with Jessica Hammond of The Opportunity Party came third.

    I reckon it is going to be a close race between Labour, National and TOP, which may enter parliament for first time, as TOP really put a lot of resources in that electorate.

    (I accidentally post this in wrong thread sorry, delete that one if you can)

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  3. The TOP candidate received barely 10% of the vote in Ohariu in the end.

    This is a very good map, I would be very interested in seeing a 2020 map one day


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