ACT election day – open thread


Polls have just opened in the ACT election.

I’m not planning to do regular updates through the day. Please use this as an open thread.

I’ll see you at 5pm AEDT when I’ll kick off the liveblog.

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  1. Final ~
    12 ALP
    11 LIB
    2 GRN
    (Status Quo) Which is a rare distinction in any parliamentary system if it plays out

  2. I am keeping eye on Ohariu election as that is unpredictable one. It used to be a stronghold of United party which the sole mp retired last election. Labour won that with narrow margin with Jessica Hammond of The Opportunity Party came third.

    I reckon it is going to be a close race between Labour, National and TOP, which may enter parliament for first time, as TOP really put a lot of resources in that electorate.

  3. My predication on 26 September was:
    13 Labor seat turns Labor
    2 Greens
    10 Liberal
    Regardless how it falls it should be a Labor victory, at the end of the day it will be at least a majority left Government.
    My prediction today is:
    12 Labor
    3 Greens
    10 Liberal
    The change in seat will be Kurrijong and will be either Labor or Greens

  4. @Daniel earlier this year in the Brisbane City Council elections not a single seat changed hands.

    I think, out on a limb here,
    ALP – 12
    Lib – 8
    GRN – 5

    Greens do well enough to win an additional seat in all electorates but Yerrabi.

    In Ginninderra it would usually be at Labor’s expense, but I think Liberals will lose votes in Ginninderra to Belco party, who don’t do well enough to win their own, and whose votes will exhaust. The Ginninderra effect will see Labors 3 incumbents home over the 2nd Liberal.

    Intra party I think Taimus Werner Gibbings might knock off an incumbent in Brindabella but that’s probably it. Pentony might outpoll Burch in Kurrajong but I have the Liberals losing their 2nd seat (to Greens but Labor is a possibility).

  5. Just wait Daniel and Anton we should know the results in 12 hours time for this provincial territory election.


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